Thursday, September 23, 2021

Living with lockdown family mess can affect an individual’s mental health

Lockdown clutter is causing mental stress among families with pantries overflowing due to the surge in bulk grocery shopping. A leading home organisation expert says the huge increase in people stockpiling their groceries has exacerbated domestic storage challenges.

Sino Biological closes 4.98 billion RMB public offer and lists on the Shenzhen ChiNext...

Sino Biological Inc., a biotech company which provides biological research reagents and technical contract research services, announced a successful listing on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange subsidiary ChiNext under the abbreviation Sino Biological and code 301047.

Who Let The Doc Out?! #006: Understanding peptic ulcer disease

Peptic ulcer disease is a gastrointestinal condition where open sores form on the lining of your stomach and/or the first part of your small intestine, called the duodenum.

Natural ingredients are a bit of a buzzword, but what does this mean?

There are many people who have taken “natural” products that involve an extremely high dose that would never appear in nature. Jim McCants who had an unfortunate experience with green tea extracts that led him needing an emergency liver transplant is an example.

How two doctors are revolutionising the billion dollar skincare industry

Developed by Clara Hurst and Deb Cohen-Jones, The Secret Skincare is Australia’s first prescription skincare company and it’s quickly developing a cult following globally.

Who Let The Doc Out?! #005: What you need to know about high blood...

Your blood pressure can be normal – Normotension; too low – Hypotension; or too high – Hypertension.

Social media influencers are encouraging followers to #getjabbed

HypeAuditor, the AI analytics platform for fair, transparent, and effective influencer marketing, highlights the role of social media influencers in Australia’s COVID-19 vaccination uptake.

Healthcare firms help European unicorns set record pace in 2021

Economic uncertainty in Europe has failed to stop record growth by unicorn companies in 2021, with healthcare businesses amongst the biggest winners.

Horny Skin? Experts reveal why and how to look after your skin this winter!

The top layer of skin, known as the stratum corneum, is colloquially known as the horny layer of skin as it looks rough like horns under a microscope. This layer of skin is susceptible to the cold, which is why your skin can feel dry and flakey during the winter months.
antenatal care

Who Let The Doc Out?! #004: What to expect when you’re expecting

Good antenatal care is important for your health and the development of your unborn baby. It reduces the risk of complications from pregnancy and childbirth. It also ensures integrated care delivery during your pregnancy.