Sunday, October 17, 2021

Airtasker study shows Gen Z are embracing the flexible economy

Research released by Australian local services marketplace Airtasker reveals that Gen Z are leading the charge when it comes to embracing the flexible economy in Australia.

SMEs are key to driving the business travel sector’s recovery in Australia

A global SME travel management company says SMEs will be a key driver in the country’s travel recovery and will play an important role in giving the economy a needed boost.

Business travel sectors becoming more popular during lockdowns

In a revelation for the business travel industry, the head of a leading travel management company has observed that Australian SMEs have become more resilient and adaptable to snap restrictions, and surprising segments of the travel market have grown during lockdowns.

Is passive investing the COVID-19 contemporary trend of the era?

The COVID-19 crisis has created changes in investing that are likely to stay. One such pioneering change has been the swift shift among investors towards passive investing.
Martin Batur, Peter Stanhope, and Branka Injac Misic founded GigSuper on the simple idea that you shouldn’t need to be a finance expert to sort out your super when you’re self-employed.

Today’s financial lockdown pain will fuel tomorrow’s retirement despair further for self-employed people

With more than half of Australians in lockdown, many are facing continued financial hardship which will however, most likely continue into retirement for many self-employed people.

Australian consumers more likely to purchase from purpose-driven brands

New research from Zeno Group shows that the pandemic has made a clear and compelling purpose even more essential for businesses and brands in Australia.

North America goes on an Australian business buying and merging spree

North American buyers invest twice as much in the first half of 2021 in Australia as they did for all of 2020, offsetting the loss of Chinese investment

Australians concerned about job and income security due to lockdown

A survey by people2people has revealed that due to the current lockdowns, 1 in 5 employees have been asked to reduce their hours and/or take unpaid leave, and that over a third of Australian employees are worried about their job security and future job search prospects.

Greater China offering wealth of opportunities for private investments

Private equity and venture capital (PEVC), hedge funds and secondaries, are all flourishing in China due to favourable reforms and an accommodating economic environment.

Déjà vu on the Australian waterfront as port strikes set to impact markets

The Maritime Union of Australia (MUA) has begun a series of work stoppages with Port of Melbourne on strike, and an upcoming strike planned at Sydney International Container Terminals set to cause lengthy delays.