Monday, August 3, 2020
Malcolm Turnbull backs Aussie Cyber Ecosystem, joining Kasada Board

Malcolm Turnbull backs Aussie Cyber Ecosystem as he joins Kasada Board

During his tenure as Prime Minister, Malcolm set the course for Australia's high rankings in cyber security.
New APAC Survey reveals Cybersecurity Training is lacking

Cybersecurity training is missing the mark as employees work around security policies – new...

The survey, conducted by Forrester Consulting, found that while 59% of security and IT managers think they are ‘ticking the security compliance box’, their employees report a huge disconnect.
RMIT Online starts cybersecurity and blockchain courses to fill skill gaps

RMIT Online starts cybersecurity and blockchain courses to fill skill gaps

Graduates will possess the skills necessary to harness blockchain to create new levels of transparency allowing businesses and individuals to securely share information that previously would have not been possible.
Theo Nasser, CEO, Right-Hand

This cybersecurity startup is offering free cyber support for businesses during COVID-19

“Cyber attackers have reminded us of the type of adversary we’re up against, by using COVID-19 as an opportunity to victimise human distress for profit,” said Theo Nasser, CEO of Right-Hand Cybersecurity.
Leo Lynch, Director, ANZ at StorageCraft

Why has StorageCraft chosen to designate September 3 the annual ‘World Data Recovery Day’?

Said Leo Lynch, Director, ANZ at StorageCraft “The business problem is no longer ‘if’ but ‘when’ and ‘how’ will a data outage happen.

Two common misconceptions about biometrics and why you shouldn’t be worried about them

Although APAC is ahead of the curve on biometrics adoption, concerns around security and losses from identity fraud still persist.

Cyber security advice for Australian startups and small businesses that are using remote working

When you have staff working remotely, it’s critical that you protect your organisation and people from cyber attack.
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2 in 3 Aussies are concerned about their data and the risk of cyber...

Almost a quarter of Aussies (22%) have already been the victim of a data breach, according to GoDaddy’s Safe Surfing research

Phishing attacks and government surveillance are our top cyber security concerns, says new report

Yubico's Password and Authentication Security Behaviors Report finds people engaging in risky password and authentication practices online. Phishing attacks and government surveillance concerns also rank high.
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How to stop cyber criminals from gaining access to your supply chain

Global cybercrime is on the increase, and it is predicted that damages will be up to $6 trillion annually by 2021. Criminals today are moving away from “traditional” robberies as they reap higher rewards, and there is less chance of getting caught.