Wednesday, October 27, 2021 elaborates basic Bitcoin halving terminologies and concepts

Third splitting in 2020 the bitcoins count was dropped to 6.25. Presently, it is assessed that in the fourth division which is yet to be held in 2024 the bitcoins count will drop to 3.75.

Advice and knowledge on the tax treatment of cryptocurrencies

With explosive growth and periodic crashes, it’s been possible to make and lose substantial sums of money over startlingly short time periods and many inexperienced investors and speculators have been drawn into the net of this latest monetary craze.

Rialto Markets’ Alternative Trading System for retail investing launched

Rialto Markets, a broker dealer and secondary market ATS operator, says technology and regulation will enhance crowd funding, transforming everyone’s access to financial markets.

YouGov survey finds 1 in 4 Aussie investors plug tax returns into crypto

A recent survey by YouGov has found that of the 12% of respondents that indicated they’ll be investing their tax return, a quarter of them plan to invest in cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency app Bamboo’s case study of millenial, Jesse Coghlan

Spending his days enjoying the beautiful beaches of Sydney, completing Jiu Jitsu training and working in marketing, 25-year-old Jesse Coghlan strikes you as your average Aussie millennial.

CryptoSpend’s new Visa prepaid card for spending anywhere, anytime

CryptoSpend, a Sydney-based start-up, has announced a new CryptoSpend Visa prepaid card, which delivers cryptocurrencies to the mass Australian market, available from September.

Matt Rockman founder and investor shares his crypto investment journey

Since Gemini launched in Australia in 2020, it has become the platform of choice for a growing number of high-net worth individual and retail investors, including Matt Rockman, co-founder of, Chairman of 1010 Capital and board member of Genesis Capital.

Just bought some crypto? Here are some tax things you need to know

If you’ve just dived into cryptocurrency and unsure how to approach it at tax time, Coco Hou, MD of Platinum Accounting Australia has some top tips to help put your mind at ease.

Aussie crypto enthusiasts believe inflation will be a real problem

While inflation figures in Australia have remained relatively low during the pandemic, Consumer Price Index (CPI) for the June quarter 2021 saw an increase of 0.8%, taking the 2021 increase to 3.8%. This brings the topic to the fore of our discussions about our performance.

HOFA Gallery launches a new NFT marketplace for cryptoart

0 is the latest venture by the founders of HOFA whose mission is to make contemporary art more accessible to young aspiring millennial collectors.