Sunday, December 5, 2021

Australian government’s $10M challenge to slash business compliance burden

Australia’s strong regulatory environment is designed to keep our workplaces safe, our products high quality, and help consumers get what they pay for. The downside to having that important safety net is the compliance burden it imposes on businesses. With this $10 million round, we’re looking for innovative regulatory technologies to reduce that burden in four key areas, while keeping Australian standards at world’s best levels.

The wackiest things you can claim on your tax return and how to be...

The basic rule is that if you’ve incurred an expense as part of your job, you can claim it. For instance, if you’re a taxi driver, you can claim fuel for your car, while if you’re a tradie, you can likely claim a deduction for an array of essential tools.
5 data management tips for small businesses during tax time - Seagate

5 data management tips for small business owners during tax time

Pick a back-up solution that will provide you with the capacity for your growing business and keep in mind that the rule of data storage is that you should always have two copies.

Advice and knowledge on the tax treatment of cryptocurrencies

With explosive growth and periodic crashes, it’s been possible to make and lose substantial sums of money over startlingly short time periods and many inexperienced investors and speculators have been drawn into the net of this latest monetary craze.

Rapid Response Revival secures European regulatory approval for world-first personal AED technology

When it comes to highly complicated devices that sustain life like an AED, CE certification is validation that the device meets highest international benchmarks for design, use and safety.

How to take a multi-faceted approach to environmental sustainability

With carbon emissions a key theme of climate change policy debate, businesses often place great emphasis on achieving carbon neutrality.
New practical guide helps Australian businesses working in conflict zones

New practical guide helps Australian businesses working in conflict zones

It helps businesses incorporate relevant aspects of IHL into policies and practices, as well as highlighting the relevance of IHL to the Australian private sector, including the distinction between IHL and human rights law.

Technology solutions and information sharing protocols can help States in reopening their economies safely

ELMO Software‘s CEO, Danny Lessem advances the idea that existing technology solutions can be vital in order to facilitate the next step in reopening the Australian economy.

How will Net Zero 2050 plans affect emerging markets?

All stakeholders need to play their part. The wide-ranging measures adopted by governments at all levels in the net-zero pathway help to frame, influence and incentivise the purchase by consumers and investment by businesses.

South Korean patent granted for Archer’s quantum computing chip

Australian small cap, Archer Materials Limited, has announced the granting of a Republic of Korea patent associated with the company’s 12CQ quantum computing chip technology.