Friday, October 7, 2022

GPS announces the hire of fintech executive veteran Jill Docherty

Global Processing Services (GPS), a global payment technology platform, has announced the hire of Jill Docherty as Director, Global Partnerships. Based in London, Jill sits on GPS’ global executive committee and is responsible for identifying and managing all GPS ecosystem partners, facilitating collaboration to drive innovation and growth for GPS and its customers.

BenchOn’s service helping SMBs make money and manage workers

Peaks and troughs are part of the ride for any business, but a firm based on the Gold Coast of Queensland, Australia is helping those troughs potentially become valuable money-earners. Tech provider BenchOn, has re-imagined its “staff sharing portal” to help firms manage their workforces in new ways. Established by the City of Gold Coast, The Gold Coast Business Portal uses the established tech to strengthen the local business community, connecting local firms experiencing high demand for specialist talent with those that have talent to spare.

PeopleKey casts the 5110 biometric time and attendance clocking system

PeopleKey, a manufacturer of biometric devices used for time & attendance data recording and access control solutions, has launched the latest in its extensive product line with the introduction of the PeopleKey 5110 Face & Finger Scanner. The 5110 builds upon the earlier 5100 model, having added a camera enhancement to the product providing the additional benefit and convenience of facial recognition along with the security of fingerprint scanning.

Energy Vault expands in the APAC with the appointment of Lucas Sadler

Energy Vault Holdings, Inc. (Energy Vault), an organisation in sustainable, grid-scale energy storage solutions, announced the appointment of Lucas Sadler as Vice President of Sales and Business Development, Asia & Pacific (APAC), based in Melbourne, Australia.

OnlyFans founder to launch Zoop, a celebrity trading 3D card platform

Led by a robust team of Web3 developers and former OnlyFans executives, Zoop is set to launch their digital collectable trading platform powered by Polygon, the decentralized Ethereum scaling ecosystem. Zoop’s platform allows users to buy, sell, collect and trade 3D digital playing cards of their favorite celebrities. On Zoop, fans can acquire officially licensed, limited edition digital cards, and are able to sell and trade them in a secondary market.

Ten ways you can efficiently grow your business off social media

Towards the end of 2021, after investments into marketing support for my Instagram and Facebook, I decided that these Meta platforms were no longer aligned with my business’s values. However, I would be lying if i didn’t say that the feeling of no longer wanting to be on these platforms was running through my mind many months prior making my final decision.

Aussie entrepreneur creates fuel-free engine, prepares to launch globally

Australian entrepreneur, Aaron Pascoe, is about to revolutionise the world of power forever using the GGOE Mechanical Gearbox – and he is seeking partners to roll out the technology across the world. Aaron seeks Vehicle partners, Drivetrain partners, Manufacturing partners, Distribution partners, and Installation and maintenance partners to roll out globally.

NEC and Juniper deploy Algeria Telecom’s 5G-ready IP network

NEC Corporation, a network transformation services provider, and Juniper Networks, a player in AI-driven networks, announced they have worked with Algeria Telecom, a player in the Algerian telecommunications market, to roll out its IP metro commercial network to support current demand for increased capacity as well as future needs driven by 5G and FTTx.

Forescout casts Forescout Frontline to help companies tackle ransomware

Forescout Technologies, an industry player in automated cybersecurity, announced the launch of Forescout Frontline, a new threat hunting service utilising a team of highly-trained cybersecurity analysts to support cybersecurity teams by proactively identifying risks, enabling accelerated incident response, and maturing security posture.

AWS launches AWS Healthcare Accelerator to boost health equity

AWS is accepting applications for the next Healthcare Accelerator, which focuses on bettering health outcomes for the underserved. Where someone lives can have a profound impact on their health. Simply being born in a high-income country versus a low-income country gives a person an 18-year advantage in life expectancy, according to the World Health Organization.