Friday, July 1, 2022

Questionmark teams up with Skillable to offer performance-based testing

Questionmark, the online assessment provider, announced its latest test format designed to validate practical skill levels for IT professionals. With performance-based testing from Questionmark, and in partnership with Skillable, candidates—be they corporate or education-based—can show their skills in authentic lab environments which allow employers, credentialing companies, and educators to make more informed decisions for their business.

Firmware supply chain company Binarly raises $3.6m seed funding

Binarly Inc., a cybersecurity firm building tech to address security issues, announced $3.6m in seed funding from WestWave Capital and Acrobator Ventures. Cybersecurity leaders Michael Sutton, Thomas 'Halvar Flake' Dullien, Jamie Butler, Ryan Permeh, Bryson Bort, Pedram Amini, Chris Ueland and David Mandel from Emerging Ventures also joined as investors.

Alvaria announces industry veteran Jeff Cotten as Chief Executive Officer

Alvaria, the global player in enterprise-scale customer experience and workforce engagement management, announced Jeff Cotten as Chief Executive Officer. Tim Dahltorp, who has been interim CEO as well as Chief Financial Officer since February, will now continue as CFO. An innovator, Jeff Cotten is a culture-driven and customer-focused executive leader with more than two decades of high delivery results in the information technology sector.

SWIM and Underknown to enable web3 functionality with a private beta

SWIM, a provider of web3 solutions, announced its collaboration with Underknown, the creators of the #1 science video series, ‘What If.’ With this collaboration, SWIM and Underknown fill a void in the industry by forming a decentralized educational & entertainment web-based platform that rewards users, directly connecting to their Metamask wallets.

SEKO Logistics makes two new hires further building on its leadership team

SEKO Logistics confirmed two new hires to their international leadership team to steer the growth of value-added global forwarding services and build SEKO’s value proposition in Australia and globally. Steen Christensen joins SEKO in the new role of Chief Operating Officer – International, while, in Sydney, Paul Good takes over as Managing Director, Australia.

Forescout discloses OT:ICEFALL 56 exposures found in multiple devices

Forescout’s Vedere Labs, along with CISA’s vulnerability disclosure process, is disclosing OT:ICEFALL, 56 vulnerabilities affecting devices from 10 OT (operational tech) vendors. This is one of the largest vulnerability disclosures that impact OT devices and addresses insecure-by-design vulnerabilities. It has been ten years since Project Basecamp, a research project by Digital Bond, who investigated how critical OT devices and protocols were insecure by design.

Consumers are increasing their digital activity despite rising fraud concerns

Digital financial transactions have become commonplace in recent years, growing a number of savvy consumers with a heightened awareness of fraud and the role security tools play in protecting them. Insights from Experian’s annual Global Identity & Fraud Report found that over half of consumers surveyed globally have been a victim of fraud or know someone who has – where identity theft has surpassed credit card theft as their biggest security worry.

InMoment buys ReviewTrackers to bolster its market-leading XI solutions

InMoment®, a provider of Experience Improvement (XI)™ solutions, announced it has completed the acquisition of ReviewTrackers, an award-winning client review management software company. ReviewTrackers empowers over 175,000+ business locations to better manage their customer reviews across 100+ sites with their review management tech.

Data literacy training vital to firms retaining talent finds Questionmark

According to Questionmark, a key challenge facing firms monitoring the data literacy of their workforce is establishing who is literate and who is in need of training. Despite assessments being a vital solution to this, able to identify data literacy gaps and provide businesses with a means of measuring progress, many employers refuse to invest in this type of training.

Banxa announces partnership with digital assets platform WonderFi

BANXA Holdings Inc. (Banxa), the on-and-off ramp solution for Web3, announced it has formally entered a new partnership with WonderFi Technologies Inc. (WonderFi), a tech firm with the mission of creating better access to digital assets through compliant centralized and decentralized platforms. The deal builds on Ethereum, Polygon, and Bitcoin blockchains, and targets key markets including Australia, Brazil, European Union, United Kingdom, and the US.