Friday, October 7, 2022

BusyFormula #039: Could early-season team orders cost Red Bull?

During the Spanish Grand Prix, Sergio Perez found himself in the lead on lap 31 of 66, with a shot at victory. However, on lap 47, he was told Verstappen was on a different strategy and should be let through if he’s quicker, to which he responded, “That’s very unfair, but okay.”

Did you know that posture can make or break your confidence at work?

Even though we’ve all been told never to judge a book by its cover, first impressions can, and do, last. Your first glimpse of someone you’ve never met seems to stay with you, even if you consciously try to shake it. Nowhere is this more noticeable than in the workplace.

Ten ways you can efficiently grow your business off social media

Towards the end of 2021, after investments into marketing support for my Instagram and Facebook, I decided that these Meta platforms were no longer aligned with my business’s values. However, I would be lying if i didn’t say that the feeling of no longer wanting to be on these platforms was running through my mind many months prior making my final decision.

How many calories will the average soccer fan take during the UCL Final?

SportingPedia surveyed 1,000 football fans across Europe to find out how many calories the average European football fan will consume while watching the Champions League final. The survey asked 1,000 adults what’s on their “Champions League Final Menu” and the conclusion is shocking. The replies revealed that the average person will consume 3928 calories, drinking beer and eating chicken wings, pizza, sweets, nuts, chips, and more.

The current condition of intelligent automation adoption in cybersecurity

In the past year, research indicates that nearly a third of organisations have accelerated their plans to automate key security and IR processes, whilst another 85% plan on automating them in the next 12 months. Despite the positivity of these statistics, many organisations struggle to change to a more automated process. This was highlighted at a recent webinar we held with a panel of senior cybersecurity experts from a multitude of sectors.

Travel firms plan fintech investment boom to capture industry rebound

As the world begins to rediscover travel with COVID-19 restrictions lifting, the travel industry has an opportunity to rebuild and renew by harnessing advances in fintech to improve the traveler experience. That’s why Amadeus has created the ‘Travel fintech investment trends’ report, based on research with over 70 senior leaders from large airlines and travel sellers.

AIOps and Machine Learning: The perfect combination for observability

Tech pros rely on traditional monitoring to determine whether their systems are operating correctly through the aggregation and displaying of data. However, to convey this essential information, an abundance of alerts are generated, translating to a constant stream of noise. While some of these are vital towards addressing a specific problem, the majority are not.

The biggest digital transformation trends predicted in 2022 and beyond

In the early months of the pandemic, businesses accelerated their adoption of digital technologies by three to four years as they had to adapt to changing working practices. This trend is set to continue into 2022 as over two-thirds of businesses plan to maintain or increase their spend on digital transformation this year. It’s clear businesses recognize the need to adapt.

Finding purpose In partnerships: Customers first, collaboration second

I’m a big believer in the benefits of business partnerships and integrations. When it all clicks, aligned companies are able to achieve much more than going it alone. For early-phase tech startups, the benefits can be enormous. The cost of building new tech is astronomically high, salaries are skyrocketing, and income streams are often slow to materialise. 

Firms with real-time data streams see higher revenues and happier clients

The movement toward setting data in motion with real-time streaming is experiencing a groundswell. According to a new survey data, 97% of firms are tapping into real-time data streaming, making it one of the most vital tech for thriving in today's digital-first landscape. For the inaugural State of Data in Motion report, Confluent, Inc. surveyed 1,950 IT and engineering leaders in 6 countries. The findings emphasized how data in motion can underpin businesses that excel at serving, retaining, and attracting customers, now and into the future.