Friday, October 7, 2022

BusyFormula #040: Why Monaco and Baku could end Mercedes’ hopes

Last season, Mercedes had started looking invincible after their Barcelona masterclass. But the Monaco Grand Prix followed, triggering a string of five races where Mercedes had no win while Red Bull pulled away in the championship standings. Monaco and Baku are two races that were particularly tough as they struggled. With that in mind, it’s not far-fetched that these two races and others on similar tracks could kill Mercedes’ championship hopes. Why?

Cloud data breaches and cloud complexity on the rise finds Thales

The 2022 Thales Cloud Security Report, conducted by 451 Research, part of S&P Global Market Intelligence, reports that 45% of businesses have experienced a cloud-based data breach or failed audit in the past 12 months, up 5% from the previous year1, raising even greater concerns regarding to protecting sensitive data from cybercriminals.

DAOs choose Deel as preferred global hiring and payroll platform

Decentralised autonomous organizations - DAOs - can onboard and pay their members around the world, at scale, using Deel. Deel is a leading global compliance and payroll solution that helps businesses hire anyone, anywhere. Its customers can hire independent contractors and full-time employees in over 150 countries, compliantly with just a few clicks in minutes. 

Envirosuite accelerates international growth of its latest product EVS Water

Environmental intelligence technology organisation Envirosuite Limited (ASX:EVS) (Envirosuite) is pleased to update the market on the accelerating growth of EVS Water. The newest member of Envirosuite’s product lines, EVS Water, a product that launched in 2021 and is already nearing its initial commercial objective of achieving $1 million in total sales.

Simpleview launches study on digital transformation in tourism sector

Simpleview, in conjunction with Karen Bolinger Consulting, conducted a global survey into the current digital landscape, finding the visitor economy is not keeping pace with other industries and is fuelled by low digital literacy within organisations and stakeholders.

Forescout’s Vedere Labs reveals first proof-of-concept of IoT ransomware

Forescout’s Vedere Labs launched research titled R4IoT (Ransomware for IoT), a proof-of-concept study showing how ransomware can exploit IoT devices for access and lateral movement to IT and OT assets, with the intention to cause disruption to business operations.

Why business leaders and HR need to care about microcredentials

The world of work is experiencing talent dynamics like we’ve never seen before. Even during the Global Financial Crisis, we didn’t see the pace of change that’s happening now. Entire industries are being forced to come to grips with the fact that talented employees want to work differently, off the back of the pandemic. On the other hand, there are industries where mass layoffs and restructures have created job uncertainty and unemployment for many. 

Landmark decision sees RI Advice found guilty of breaching obligations

The Federal Court has found RI Advice, an Australian Financial Services licensee, guilty of breaching its license obligations to act efficiently and fairly when it failed to have the appropriate cyber risk management systems to effectively manage its cybersecurity risks. 

Has sports broadcasting and consumption changed forever?

When the first lockdown was announced in March 2020, it came with the news that we’d no longer be able to attend sporting events live. People weren’t able to attend any live sporting events for over a year. As a result, live sports became more accessible to view at home.

BusyFormula #039: Could early-season team orders cost Red Bull?

During the Spanish Grand Prix, Sergio Perez found himself in the lead on lap 31 of 66, with a shot at victory. However, on lap 47, he was told Verstappen was on a different strategy and should be let through if he’s quicker, to which he responded, “That’s very unfair, but okay.”