Friday, July 1, 2022

Aussie medicinal cannabis study gives hope to chronic pain patients

Little Green Pharma reported findings of a national study showing the positive effect of oral medicinal cannabis on chronic refractory pain in patients who have not experienced relief with existing pain medications including opioids, anti-inflammatories, and steroid treatments. 

Why Australian small businesses need the cloud to truly feel secure

There’s no denying the benefits that the shift towards hybrid work has provided since the pandemic began. Workers have been allowed to take Zoom meetings from the comfort of their own homes while wearing pyjamas if they really want to, using their laptops and mobile devices to communicate with co-workers in the office or from their own homes if they want.

Hub Australia furthers its Melbourne City offering with landlord partnership

Australia’s leading premium flexible workspace provider Hub Australia expands its Melbourne offering with the announcement of a new purpose built, hospitality focused Balaclava workspace, in partnership with property developer, owner and manager, Ninety-Four Feet. 

Shouta Biz takes a new-age approach to traditional corporate gift-giving

In the lead-up to Plastic-Free July, the team at fintech startup Shouta are encouraging businesses to reconsider their gift-giving practices and adopt a sustainable approach to corporate gifting. CEO and co-founder, Carly Shamgar, has seen a rise in businesses opting for sustainable corporate gifting approaches, like Shouta’s business platform, Shouta Biz.

Story brand expert Zahrina changes narrative and gains award recognition

The founder of Zahrina Photography & Video ranks among the top North Shore business operators, with Zahrina winning accolades for her ability to use commanding imagery to help entrepreneurs, authors and businesses attract and connect with a wider audience.
Packform wins two Stevie Awards for Most Innovative Startup of the year

Packform wins two Stevie Awards for Most Innovative Startup of the Year

An award for innovation should come as no surprise as innovation itself forms the bedrock of the Packform solution.

Commonwealth Bank Australia in partnership with fintech Paypa Plane

CBA has partnered with Paypa Plane to enhance the payment experience for businesses and help them transition to PayTo, giving clients more choice and control in paying. PayTo, the next innovation of the New Payments Platform (NPP), will provide a new, digital way for businesses to offer real-time direct debit payments to their customers.

IT spending in the retail industry rises: What does that mean for your business?

Digital transformation can make or break a business. It's transforming the way retailers function and if one doesn't invest in IT then one won't be able to compete, consequently losing market share. We are currently living in a highly digital world. High tech tools for retail are used to improve efficiency and reduce costs to improve the business' profitability.

It’s now just a matter of time: Here’s how to prepare your body for...

With Omicron continuing to spread, it is just a matter of time before many people get COVID. People are scared and worried about what...

Hoverfly brains reverse-engineered to detect drones’ acoustic signatures

For the first time, Australian researchers have reverse engineered the visual systems of hoverflies to detect drones’ acoustic signatures from almost four kilometres away. Autonomous systems experts from the University of South Australia, Flinders University and defence company Midspar Systems say that trials using bio-inspired signal processing techniques show up to a fifty per cent better detection rate than existing methods.