Friday, December 2, 2022

Fortifying cybersecurity: Smart ways to address the cyber skills shortage 

The Australian Minister for Cyber Security, Hon Clare O’Neil, has been explicit in her public goals for Australia to be the safest cyber nation. In 2023, industry and government will need to focus on innovative ways to address the shortfall in highly skilled cyber professionals. This may involve a genuine national discussion about the focused skilled migration programs for cyber practitioners, greater emphasis on formalised personnel transfers within Five Eyes, QUAD and AUKUS nation states and funding initiatives such as an extension to the current ADF Cyber Gap Program which is set to end in 2023. Additionally, we may see fee relief for cyber related tertiary training, like what we’ve seen with nursing and other disciplines.

How Aussie small business owners can tackle plaguing late invoices

A complaint common from many SMB owners is the never-ending chasing of overdue invoices. With most Aussie SMEs waiting on average 38 days for invoices to be paid, a week longer than they were a year ago, it’s a cash flow challenge that can seem out of your hands. The financial reality is you need to be paid by your debtors – and preferably on time – but we’ve all been left in a situation where the due date passes and there’s still no money in the bank account. Research shows nearly one-third of Aussie business owners spend eight hours a week collecting late payments. So how do you best approach overdue invoice payments?

Joust and Nectar Mortgages to ease the home loan application process

0, one of Australia’s leading online home loan marketplace, announced a partnership with Nectar Mortgages, one of the fastest growing mortgage brokering businesses in Australia. The two companies will work together to effectively provide Australian borrowers with a fast, easy, seamless home loan application process. 

US martech giant Wunderkind sets up Asia Pacific headquarters in Sydney

US martech giant, Wunderkind, a performance marketing engine that powers personalisation at scale for online brands and retailers, announced its launch in Australia, establishing its Asia Pacific (APAC) headquarters in Sydney to support its expansion across the region. 

Coles digitalises supply chain with world first Internet of Things solution

Aussie supermarket giant Coles has digitalised its supply chain with Internet of Things (IoT) tech, deploying a solution from Loscam and Thinxtra to monitor the location of and measure shock for 4,500 smart food bins moving poultry between farms and its distribution centre. Coles last year announced a major digital transformation strategy, which includes increasing the resilience of its critical supply chains, such as the Protein Cold Chain, responsible for sourcing and stocking poultry. The main objective of this strategy was to reduce the number of food bins it loses, understand whether and where these assets are being damaged, improve pooling of equipment for transit, and ultimately increase stock turnaround.

Forkful awarded a grant to tackle the hospitality industry’s food waste issue

Forkful has just been awarded funding through the City of Casey’s Circular Economy Living Lab Grant, enabling the food waste platform to launch across the City of Casey’s 27 suburbs. With 7.6 million tonnes of food going to waste in Australia each year, Forkful works directly with businesses including cafes, restaurants, bakeries, and food retailers, allowing them to offer surplus food – that would otherwise go to waste – at a discounted rate to the local consumers. With the launch slated for February 2023, consumers will be able to browse the Forkful website to see what’s on special in their local area and snap up an end of day bargain.

Quant and UST to accelerate the adoption of institutional digital assets

Quant, the blockchain for finance pioneer, has partnered with UST, a digital transformation solutions firm, to provide tokenisation services to banks and capital markets participants. These services will help financial institutions adopt digital assets, as they increasingly realise the benefits of distributed ledger technologies by issuing digital money and tokenising existing asset classes for greater settlement speed and access to new markets and customers.

Home loan provider Rate Money hits $4B in loan settlements in three years

In just three years since its launch, award-winning mortgage franchise Rate Money has achieved a milestone $4 billion in settlements, helping over 4,000 self-employed and migrant Australians secure a home loan and get into the property investing market. Combining over 50 years’ experience in mortgages Ryan Gair, Luke Sheales and Glenn Maynard launched Rate Money in 2019 to address a gap in the market where business owners and sole traders were being penalised for having alternative banking documentation.

Sekuro doubles team size and hits strong revenue growth one year on

Sekuro, cyber security and digital resiliency solutions provider, recorded 33% organic revenue growth YoY and an almost 100% growth in staff numbers to mark its first anniversary. Sekuro has also welcomed new vendors such as Zscaler, Abnormal Security, Noname Security, and CyCognito.

Are the popular digital licences the answer to protecting your identity?

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