Wednesday, October 4, 2023
Energy prices at record low: Switch providers now to save big

Energy prices at record low: Aussies should switch providers now to save

Consumers should review their energy providers to save big on their bills as the nation prepares to roll into a summer of extreme heat. Analysis by personal finance marketplace and advice company Compare Club reveals that energy providers have some of the best offers in the market this week with savings for Australian households ranging between 10% to 26% compared to the reference price (default market offer or Victorian default offer.)
Michelle Lim, Outgoing Commpete Chairperson

Commpete chairperson Michelle Lim to step down after 6 years in the role

Commpete, Australia's alliance for competition in digital communications, announced its chairperson, Michelle Lim, will step down from her position after six years leading the advocacy group and its growth since its launch. Commpete will seek a new chairperson who will be elected following an extraordinary general meeting to be held later this year.
Jaimie Hatcher AO, DSC, Strategic Advisor at CSO Group

CSO Group appoints Navy veteran Jaimie Hatcher as Strategic Advisor

Australian-owned and operated cyber security business, CSO Group, has appointed Retired Royal Australian Navy (RAN) Rear Admiral, Jaimie Hatcher AO, DSC, as its Strategic Advisor. Hatcher spent 36 years with the Royal Australian Navy in a range of national security roles, including in the National Security Division of the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, as Capability Director for Australia’s Air Warfare Destroyer program, and most recently as the Australian Defence Force (ADF) Deputy Chief of Joint Operations.
Ayala Domani, Vice President - Technology & Innovation at NEC

NEC launches its Digital Government Centre of Excellence in Perth to help accelerate public...

NEC Australia has opened its new Digital Government Centre of Excellence in Perth, Western Australia, which will focus on building public sector productivity and efficiency through digital solutions. The Centre, opened by the WA Minister for Innovation and Digital Economy, the Hon. Stephen Dawson MLC, will bring NEC's digital transformation capabilities at scale and offer specific solutions and tech that could be implemented to address current challenges.
Mick Stephens, Associate Director at First Super

First Super appoints forestry industry leader Mick Stephens to its Board

First Super, industry fund for all Australians, with strong links to the timber, paper & pulp and furniture and joinery industries, announced that it has appointed Mick Stephens as an Associate Director of the Board. Mr Stephens brings a wealth of experience to the role, currently holding positions as CEO of Timber Queensland and a Director of Forestry Australia.

The upcoming Australian Indigenous Voice referendum picking up steam on social media, HypeAuditor reveals

HypeAuditor, the AI analytics platform for brands seeking fair, transparent, and effective influencer marketing, analyses how influencers and brands are taking a stance on social media about the Australian Indigenous Voice referendum taking place on October 14. Since the referendum announcement in 2022, it has been a contentious topic in the media, in parliament and within different community groups. As voting day approaches, tensions rise and misinformation spreads and public figures like politicians are trying to sway the voters. 

On-the-job training boosts retention, University of Auckland survey finds

The value of on-the-job training should not be underestimated, according to a new research study from the University of Auckland. The study, which is leveraging Australian data, found that over-educated and over-skilled employees are less likely to quit if training is available. The study, detailed in the paper ‘Educational job mismatch, job satisfaction, on-the-job training, and employee quit behaviour: A dynamic analytical approach', is the first to test the impact of on-the-job training and job satisfaction among job-mismatched employees.

Cost of living pressures negatively impacting job satisfaction in Aussie workplaces, Allianz Australia finds

While the direct disruption of the pandemic on workplace mental health has eased, Australian workplaces are facing new pressures, as new research reveals cost of living is having a direct impact on employee sentiment towards work. More than a third (35%) of employees say cost of living pressures are negatively impacting their job satisfaction, along with fatigue and burnout (33%), with almost a quarter (24%) stating they feel they are underpaid at work.
The October 31 tax deadline edging closer: How to avoid penalties

The October 31 tax deadline edging closer: What to do to avoid penalties

If you don’t lodge by 31 October 2023 (or haven’t registered with an agent by that date), you could be looking at a stiff fine for not lodging. The so-called “failure to lodge” penalty is calculated at the rate of one penalty unit for each period of 28 days or part thereof that the return is overdue, up to a maximum of five penalty units. The value of a penalty unit is currently $313 so the maximum penalty which can be applied for an individual is $1,565.
Jessica Booth, Head of Customer Success at hires Jessica Booth, Colleen D’Arcy and Stephanie Robinson amid rapid CDR adoption across...

Australian consumer data specialist has announced the appointment of Jessica Booth as Head of Customer Success. Booth will be responsible for ensuring a standard of excellence servicing customers, who include Judo Bank, Bank First, and Regional Australia Bank. Booth an impressive track record of customer satisfaction, customer retention, and business development. Prior, Booth was Head of Customer Success at cloud enterprise software company Mastt, and held key leadership roles at AlayaCare ANZ and Telstra Health.