Monday, September 25, 2023
Professor Alain Marty, Chief Scientific Officer at Carbios

Carbios accelerates its enzyme optimization with microfluidic tech

Carbios, a firm in the development and industrialization of biological technologies to reinvent the life cycle of plastics and textiles, has accelerated its enzyme screening process with a microfluidic technology developed in partnership with the Paul Pascal Research Centre (a joint research unit of the CNRS and the University of Bordeaux, which specializes in microfluidics).
Tom Leyden, Vice President of Marketing at Kasten by Veeam

Kasten by Veeam names inaugural partners for platform

Kasten by Veeam®, a reputable firm for Kubernetes backup and disaster recovery, recently announced that its Kubernetes learning platform now has over 20,000 registered users and is expanding to include its first ever partners Scality and StormForge.

Microsoft integrates Infobip’s SMS channels to better real-time marketing

Cloud communications platform Infobip has enhanced its alliance with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing to help firms meet clients on their preferred channels and boost ROI from marketing campaigns. Microsoft has integrated Infobip's SMS channels into its platform, enabling Dynamics 365 users to send and receive text messages for real-time marketing.
Adam Maurice, Director of Fusion Consulting Group

Fusion Group makes it four in 2023 with Exceed Accounting acquisition

Mitch Young and Adam Maurice formed Fusion Consulting in 2015 to cater to the Private Client and SME sectors, providing various services including International Taxation, Business Advisory, Accounting, Financial Services, Legal Services, Recruitment and Digital Marketing. The consultancy firm has acquired Surrey based Exceed Accountants Ltd, an established accountancy firm with over 500 local and international customers and over 15 staff, to bolster its Fusion Accountancy division. The group secured an M&A war-chest from SME Capital in October 2022 to disrupt the Professional Services sector, and this transaction is one of six strategic acquisitions that the group are looking to complete in 2023.
Xiao Haijun, President of Global Partner Development and Sales Dept at Huawei

Seventh edition of the Huawei ICT Competition concludes in Shenzhen

On May 27, the Huawei ICT Competition 2022-2023 Global Final concluded in Shenzhen, drawing to a close the seventh installment of this competition. The first to be held in person since 2019, the event’s culmination was a competition between finalists in 146 teams from 36 countries. Before the Final, more than 120,000 students from more than 2000 universities in 74 countries and regions around the world took part in the ICT Competition.
Dr. Ebtesam Almazrouei, Director, AI Cross-Center Unit at TII

TII’s Falcon 40B rendered royalty-free for commercial and research uses

The Technology Innovation Institute’s (TII) Falcon 40B, the UAE’s large-scale open-source AI model, is free of royalties for commercial and research use, in response to global demand for inclusive access to AI. Ranked #1 on Hugging Face’s leaderboard for large language models (LLMs), Falcon 40B outperforms competitors like Meta’s LLaMA and Stability AI’s StableLM.

Citi TTS taps Pismo to enrich global demand deposit account solutions

Citi Treasury and Trade Solutions (TTS) and Pismo, the next-gen banking and payments software firm, announced their relationship in which Citi will use Pismo’s technology platform to help strengthen Citi’s corporate demand deposit accounts (DDA), to clients worldwide. Citi TTS continues to migrate its solutions, services, and infrastructure to create “always on” capabilities aimed to improve the overall customer experience and provide customers with the ability to operate DDA capabilities in real-time with 24x7 processing.
Cigarettes smoking

France accounts for almost half of Europe’s illicit cigarette consumption, Philip Morris International study...

Philip Morris International (PMI) warns about increasing rates of illicit cigarette consumption in the European Union (EU), which are depriving governments of billions in tax revenues and eroding tobacco control policies. PMI calls for a reassessment of policy choices that may be contributing to the year-over-year growth of the illicit market in the region and for innovative approaches that can help drive millions away from continued smoking to be considered.
Michael Arougheti, Chief Executive Officer and President at Ares

Ares Management Corporation to acquire Crescent Point Capital to further expand its APAC footprint

Ares Management Corporation (Ares) announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire 100% of Crescent Point Capital (CPC), an Asia-focused private equity firm with approximately $3.8 billion of assets under management, as of March 31, 2023. Founded in 2003, Crescent Point Capital (CPC) has approximately 50 professionals. The team is headquartered in Singapore and also has a presence in China, Indonesia, the Philippines and Vietnam. CPC pursues a private equity strategy focused on investing in industry-leading consumer companies across the larger Southeast Asia markets and China.
Robert Piconi, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer at Energy Vault

Energy Vault announces initial phases of commissioning for the world’s first EVx™ gravity energy...

Energy Vault Holdings (Energy Vault), a grid-scale energy storage solutions firm, announced, along with its partners Atlas Renewable and China Tianying (CNTY), that the first grid-scale EVx™ gravity energy storage system (GESS) has entered the first phases of commissioning. Located outside of Shanghai in Rudong, Jiangsu Province, China, the 25 MW/100 MWh EVx GESS is built adjacent to a wind farm and a national grid interconnection site to augment and balance China’s national energy grid through the storage and delivery of renewable energy.