Friday, July 1, 2022

The move to future-proof families and legacies on the African continent

Appetite for investment migration in markets beyond Southern Africa has been growing steadily over the past few years. Nigeria was the second-largest market (after South Africa) in terms of enquiries received by Henley & Partners in 2021, with growth of 15%. Three Northern African countries — Egypt, Morocco and Algeria — came in third, fourth and fifth, in terms of the number of enquiries last year, with respective growth of 25%, 19% and 33%.

Improving respiratory health is vital in the fight against the COVID pandemic

Smoking is a lifestyle choice that many are now choosing to reduce or quit, meaning that smokers can regain better lung health. Steam therapy, for example through using WellO2 is also a recommended pathway to improving and regenerating lung health.

Cement and concrete industry launches Net Zero Accelerators

The Global Cement and Concrete Association (GCCA) has launched a series of Net Zero Accelerator initiatives to help national cement and concrete industries decarbonise in line with the GCCA’s 2050 Net Zero Global Industry Roadmap. The first wave will launch in Egypt, which later this year will host COP27, as well as in India, Thailand and Colombia.

The coming reckoning will show ROI accruing from threat intelligence

Threat intelligence has been a part of cyber defense processes in the private sector for long. Many threat intelligence teams were initially composed of classically trained intel operators from the public sector, focusing on gathering data to thwart national security threats.

NEC and Juniper deploy Algeria Telecom’s 5G-ready IP network

NEC Corporation, a network transformation services provider, and Juniper Networks, a player in AI-driven networks, announced they have worked with Algeria Telecom, a player in the Algerian telecommunications market, to roll out its IP metro commercial network to support current demand for increased capacity as well as future needs driven by 5G and FTTx.

Why and how we should all be using air quality monitors as Omicron rages

As the Omicron variant of the Covid-19 virus ravages its way through Australia equipping yourself with a carbon dioxide monitor is an essential device for added health security. A carbon dioxide monitor is a small device that measures air quality. It has become an incredibly important tool during this COVID era that we’re living in.

Thales opens sixth Cyber Security Operations Center in Morocco

Thales is opening a new Cyber Security Operations Center (SOC) in Morocco, the sixth in its international network. This Cyber Security Operations Center (SOC) will provide real-time protection against cyber-attacks in the country and across the African continent as a whole. The digital transformation of African societies, as illustrated by the extensive use of mobile payments across the continent, and the rise in teleworking due to the health crisis, have had a major impact on Africa's vulnerability to cyber-attacks.

Moody’s to acquire majority stake in GCR, expanding presence in Africa

Moody’s Corporation announced that it has successfully agreed to the terms and conditions required to acquire a majority (51%) stake in Global Credit Rating Company Limited (GCR). Global Credit Rating Company Ltd is a leading credit rating agency in Africa with operations spanning the continent, including in South Africa, Nigeria, Senegal, Kenya, and Mauritius.

Major research reveals African entrepreneurs are set for take off

African business leaders are expecting the entrepreneurial spirit to take off over the next three years on the back of an improved environment for business and greater political stability, new research for blockchain-based mobile network operator World Mobile shows.

6 ways for firms to support female talent and benefit from their skills

Australia is one of the countries, worldwide that are leading the way towards gender equality in the workplace and thus closing the participation gap between men and women.