Cassava Bags launches single use biodegradable bag and liner products

Bruce Delarossi, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Cassava Bags Australia

Cassava Bags Australia has launched the world’s first truly biodegradable single-use bag and liner range as it is set to kill off single-use plastic across the globe forever.

The groundbreaking non-toxic products are 100% plastic-free, won’t break down into microplastics and will never leave behind any plastic footprint on the earth.

Cassava Bags Australia championing planet conservation

According to insights from Bruce Delarossi, the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Cassava Bags Australia, plastic bags are a scourge on the planet.

Not only are they one of the biggest causes of environmental catastrophes our race has ever seen, they take many years to decompose, release toxic substances into the soil, air and oceans and kill billions of creatures across the planet both on land and in water.

“Our determination therefore, to be rendered able to create a truly biodegradable single use bag has been mainly driven by our desire to save the planet,” Delarossi said.

“A lot of people say they are going to do it, but we really have and we are incredibly proud and very excited to be rolling out this extraordinary invention to the rest of the world – a single-use bags and liners that are made from the cassava plant and dissolves in hot water.”

Cassava Bags Australia products are biodegradable

Cassava is a hardy drought tolerant root vegetable native to South America.

“Cassava is a nutty flavoured starchy root vegetable that is extremely versatile.  The most common consumed part is the root. It can be eaten whole or grated and ground into flour to make bread. It is the raw material that is also used to make tapioca,” Delarossi said.

“We extract and combine it with organic components to create a biodegradable film.”

“This is the first time anyone in the world has done this and impressively, we have successfully achieved this milestone without the use of any petroleum or toxins.”

Three millennials and business colleagues with a love for the great outdoors are behind the newly launched brand – Delarossi, Chun Lau and Telusa Mapapalangi.

“We’re founded on the belief that businesses can be a force for good and that the actions of people, both individually and collectively, have the power to change the world.”

“We spent a lot of time outdoors beach camping, surfing and snowboarding but we constantly found plastic accumulation in the environment across both land and the ocean.”

“Experiencing first-hand the impact of pollution on the planet we decided to ensure we played a role in promoting the sustainability of Australia and the world – and so commenced our journey of research and development and Cassava Bags Australia was born.

“We already have a range of products in production. These include bin liners, pet waste bags, mail-out bags, aprons, sanitation covers and a range of carry retail bags.

“Our products were tested globally and found to be plastic-free and biodegradable.”

“It would only take three to six months for our bags to biodegrade in soil, or just a few days to dissolve in the ocean. They can even be safely consumed by marine animals!”

“By contrast, it takes 500 years for a normal plastic bag to break down.”

“Australians use a whopping ten million new plastic bags per day. Plastic bags do not go away. They break up into smaller and smaller pieces of plastics. Our whales, turtles, fish and sea birds are swallowing these things. It’s killing them. They need our help.”

Cassava Bags Australia’s mission to change the world

Cassava Bags will become a household brand in Australia and the rest of the world.

“Consumers are making their wishes known; they want to consume sustainable products. Short term, we want to ensure our products are distributed nationally and will be available across retailers, hospitality and medical sectors to name a few examples.”

“Beyond this, we want to expand into the global market. We work to restore natural habitats like the Great Barrier Reef, and we want to negate the effects of climate change.”

“It’s a tall order, but if we all do our part to swap out plastic bags for our cassava bags, it’ll be a great start to working together to achieve our dream of a cleaner planet.”

Cassava Bags Australia produces the world’s first truly biodegradable bag and liners.

Cassava Bags’ products are all-natural and are 100% non-toxic, Polyactic acid (PLA) free and Bisphenol (BPA) free and are designed to be used as a single-use product.

The products take 3 minutes to dissolve in hot water and 6 months to biodegrade in soil.

The products only take a few days to dissolve in the ocean and are safe for marine life to consume. They believe that both individuals and businesses can have the power to change the world by making sustainable choices and reducing their plastic footprint.