CARS24 Australia unveils a new design of car dealership on a couch

Erin Williamson, the Chief Customer Officer at CARS24 Australia

Online shopping has skyrocketed during the global COVID-19 pandemic and research reveals that only two out of five (39%) Aussies feel comfortable buying a used car online.

Setting out on a mission to change this aspect, CARS24, Australia’s first 100% online used car buying platform has partnered with The Quiet Company, an AI-driven wellbeing business, to create the ultimate used car buying destination: an innovatively designed couch. 

CARS24 deploys the Car Couch for its clients

The tech-enabled ‘Car Couch’ is designed to address concerns around shopping for a car online, with features to create a more convenient and comfortable customer experience.

CARS24’s Car Couch comes off the back of a new national survey that reveals that most Aussies (81%) would feel most comfortable buying a used car from the comfort of their own home, and more than half (53%) admitting the couch is their favourite place to shop online. 

The state-of-the-art prototype replicates the CARS24 experience, which sets out to transform the way Aussies buy a used car. CARS24 allows people to purchase a car in under five minutes from the comfort of their couch, and have it delivered direct to their door.

With the CARS24 inventory availed via an iPad, the Car Couch’features a private canopy screen that allows users to shop in silence, free from hassle, sales pitches and pressure.

The platform is embedded with an ergonomic design to encourage the right shopping posture and an in-built oil diffuser with warm scents to facilitate clients with comfort buying.

As the user browses cars online, the Car Couch further more mimics the sound of each engine so as to facilitate the additional ultimate sensory experience for customers

Comments on CARS24’s Car Couch feature

Erin Williamson, the Chief Customer Officer at CARS24 Australia appreciated the feature. “People already buy so much from the couch and we want to push that idea to the extreme.”

“Our prototype Car Couch takes the hassle out of buying a second hand or used vehicle in order to create an experience that makes the user feel both calm and confident.”

“The best part is, much of the future of used car buying is already here in the present.”

“Anyone in Australia can buy a quality used car from the comfort of their own couch and have it delivered direct to their door, with the ability to return within 7 days at no cost.” 

The new research has revealed that the key barriers to purchasing a car online include being unsure about the car’s quality (76%) and no option to test-drive the car (71%).

A comprehensive warranty (59%), measures to ensure quality (54%) and an extended test drive period (54%) would convince Australians to buy a used car online.

Launched in 2021, CARS24 makes buying a car as easy and convenient as any other purchase. 

CARS24 takes the physical and emotional pain out of used car purchasing through eliminating the need for endless vehicle inspections, having to awkwardly haggle with strangers on price, and having the fearful feeling that you’ve bought a dud or been ripped off.

They offer 6month warranty, 300 point inspection to ensure car quality, competitive pricing, 7 day return policy with 100% money back guarantee and free home delivery.

CARS24 plans to make the Car Couch prototype available for trial in select locations in 2022.