CareFlight and Nurofen partner to help parents alleviate emergencies

Aussie parents with children under the age of six will be able to access emergency training from one of the country’s leading rapid response emergency services, CareFlight made possible thanks to its partnership with Nurofen for Children. The CareFlight Baby Emergency Course will roll out nationally from June to support parents facing a skills gap when it comes to high stress and emergency situations for children like fever, choking and performing CPR.

What is the mission behind the initiative?

Nurofen’s support will enable CareFlight to buy equipment and invest in setting up the national course identified as vital, following over 35 years’ experience responding to emergencies.

Further reinforcing the importance of bringing this course to the community, new research has revealed 3-in-5 Aussie parents with a child under two years old have been in an emergency situation with their child. However, 37% of Australian parents with a child under two have not done specialised First Aid or emergency training that focuses on children.

In its first year of partnership, Nurofen and CareFlight were supported by Momentum Worldwide and DEC PR. DEC PR negotiated the partnership and managed earned and hybrid media, while Momentum Worldwide filmed and developed content for TV, social and online.

These roles continue into year two, supported by a new creative and changed call-to-action for consumers to head into Chemist Warehouse where every Nurofen for Children product purchased gives 50-cents to support CareFlight and the Baby Emergency Course.

What does this mean for DEC PR and Momentum?

Laura Portch, Group Client Director at DEC PR
Laura Portch, Group Client Director at DEC PR

Laura Portch, Group Client Director, DEC PR, said: “At DEC PR we are proud of our seven year long partnership with Nurofen for Children’s parent company, Reckitt. The opportunity to establish an important, meaningful and long-term alliance between Nurofen and CareFlight – one that works to create a life-changing impact for so many Australians– is truly humbling.”

“The Baby Emergency Course will bring so much comfort to countless families across the nation and is a true example of how brands can work with not-for-profit organisations to deliver truly purpose driven outcomes for the benefit of the community. This is the kind of work that the DEC PR team is passionate about and skilled at executing,” Portch added. 

Matt Batten, Executive Creative Director, Momentum Worldwide Australia, commented: “When more than a third of Australian parents don’t have training for life-threatening situations, but 60% of parents have found themselves in an emergency with their baby.”

“Working jointly with Nurofen and CareFlight, we developed a storytelling strategy connecting multiple creative executions to inspire new parents to learn these vital skills while encouraging our broader audience to support the program with donations via product purchase.”

What does this mean for CareFlight and Nurofen?

As critical emergency responders, CareFlight pilots reach, transport and get expert carers to more than 8,500 patients each year – many of whom are children – and experience firsthand the impact emergency training can have on the outcome of a medical event or injury.

Mick Frewen, Chief Executive Officer, CareFlight
Mick Frewen, Chief Executive Officer of CareFlight

Mick Frewen, Chief Executive Officer, CareFlight commented: “When our teams respond to medical emergencies across Australia, a big part of the job is meeting the parents and caregivers of young children right as they’re faced with a traumatic event. By sharing from our expertise, we hope to make a difference in the moments that count, helping Aussie parents and carers to bridge that important time before professional help arrives.”

Understanding that emergencies come in a variety of forms, from managing fever in children, to choking and performing CPR, Holly McCarthy, Marketing Director ANZ, Reckitt says the team is proud to once again put their support behind the initiative that will help save lives.

“In this second year of partnership, we’re excited to help build the confidence of parents and carers in those high-stress scenarios we all hope to never be in, but should always be prepared for, whether its managing fever and pain in your child, or performing CPR”, she said.

“Our research found that almost half (47%) of all Aussie parents aren’t confident in their management of fever in children, and supporting the national roll-out of CareFlight’s Baby Emergency Course is our direct response to help build that resiliency in parents and carers to protect their little ones when they need it most” Holly McCarthy further commented.

The Baby Emergency Course by CareFlight, supported by Nurofen for Children, will run from June 2023 to February 2024 and is available nationally in each capital city of each state or territory. It will make emergency education more accessible to parents and carers of infants, toddlers and pre-schoolers. For more information on the initiative, please visit the website.