Cardo Health teams up with Prosperia to bring digital healthcare to Mexico

Tobias Strålin, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Cardo Health

Cardo Health is partnering with MIT Media Lab social impact spinoff, Prosperia, to bring digital healthcare to Mexico. Prosperia has developed an integrated artificial intelligence-based solution to massify early detection and treatment of diabetes and is now looking to expand its services, offering high quality digital healthcare to Mexico’s over 130 million inhabitants.

What is the growth rate of Prosperia?

Prosperia is founded by Alejandro Noriega (CTO), who has a PhD in applied AI from MIT, and Cristina Campero (Chief Executive Officer), a former McKinsey healthcare consultant.

They have an impressive management team and are growing rapidly. Over 10,000 patients have been screened, from which Prosperia prevented about 4,400 cases of blindness – patients that were found with a pathology and were referred for immediate treatment

What does the deal mean to Cardo Health?

Prosperia is the latest addition to the Cardo Health community, following investments in Colombia, South Africa and Brazil earlier this year. The firm has a strong pipeline of future investments and sees great potential in building regional digital health unicorns, AI enabled.

“What we see is that our local entrepreneurs really appreciate the value of being part of the Cardo community, as we can provide them with global best practices, financing, and tech loved by consumers. We are really looking forward to scaling up Prosperia together with Cristina and Alejandro,” commented founder and Chief Executive Officer, Tobias Strålin.