Carbonix partners with Robotic Skies to advance global field support

Stephen Pearce, Chief Executive Officer at Carbonix

Robotic Skies Inc., a global marketplace for commercial drone maintenance services, and Carbonix, a leading Australian designer, manufacturer, and operator of unmanned aerial data capture solutions, are partnering to provide an international field support program.

This partnership benefits customers who operate Carbonix Volanti and Domani UAVs.

Carbonix UAVs deliver high quality aerial images and data in real-time for applications, like long range surveillance and inspections of infrastructure in utilities, mining, and agriculture.

Benefits of Carbonix partnering with Robotic Skies

The capabilities of Carbonix UAVs are well-recognized in Australia and now globally, with system deliveries slated this year to South Africa for operations across the African continent.

“As we expand globally, having Robotic Skies as a partner means that we can direct our energy to developing and deploying our UAV technology,” said Stephen Pearce, Carbonix CEO.

“Our partnership positions us to offer the best post-purchase service and cultivate loyalty.”

Robotic Skies serves the commercial drone industry with expert maintenance, inspection, and repairs through its network of over 230 quality controlled service centers globally.

They combine expertise in traditional and next-generation aircraft maintenance to offer professional field service programs that cater to the unique needs of the drone market.

Robotic Skies welcomes Carbonix

Brad Hayden, Robotic Skies Founder and Chief Executive Officer said, “We’re thrilled to work with Carbonix and be their partner specializing in UAV maintenance and repair.”

“We aim to make it easy for manufacturers of UAVs like Carbonix to incorporate Robotic Skies into existing workflows and build up their customer support infrastructure globally.”

Hayden, who serves on the FAA’s Drone Advisory Committee, added: “We recognize risk mitigation is more critical than ever for operators to meet safety and performance standards.”

“We’re meeting that with a path to standardized turnkey maintenance solutions that protect I.P. and provide a safe and reliable customer experience throughout our global network.”

Robotic Skies recently announced its new headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah advancing service capabilities for customers and partners like Carbonix, with logistics and warehousing.

The location provides a testbed environment to optimize new drone maintenance solutions for deployment through the Robotic Skies Service Center network to serve the Carbonix fleet.

Carbonix focused on growth

Carbonix targets advancing the horizons of aerial data solutions with specialisation in long-range and large area aerial surveillance with precision data capture.

Carbonix UAVs are able to deliver mission success across a diverse range of industrial sectors with unrivalled stability, precision control, and accuracy in the final product.

With over 10 hours of flight time, the UAVs accommodate every mission requirement utilising advanced ISR, LiDAR and photogrammetry systems to deliver efficient and accurate data.

Commited to differentiating by design embodies the foundation in competitive yacht racing.

The perseverance for aesthetic and functional balance drives the company’s uncompromising standards to deliver unchallenged performance in the market.

Carbonix’s unparalled commitment to continuous testing and refinement of the products ensures that they are continually advancing the boundaries of what is possible.

They obsessively fine-tune every detail to apply simplicity and sophistication.