Carbonix and GPC partner to bolster drone industry’s sovereign capability

Left to Right: Carbonix founder Dario Valenza, CEO Philip van der Burg and GPC Electronics Business Development Manager RJ Stensland
Left to Right: Carbonix founder Dario Valenza, CEO Philip van der Burg and GPC Electronics Business Development Manager RJ Stensland

Australian drone manufacturer, Carbonix, and one of Australia’s largest contract electronics manufacturer, GPC Electronics Group, have entered into a manufacturing contract. The deal between the Sydney-based firms will see GPC build the company’s avionics including valuable design input and testing to guarantee Aussie and international quality assurance standards.

What does the partnership mean for GPC Electronics?

GPC Electronics Business Development Manager RJ Stensland said the agreement will allow the company to expand its capabilities in drone avionics manufacturing and integration and position itself as a key player in the emerging drone market. “We are excited to work with Carbonix, a company that is pushing the boundaries of drone technology,” he said.

“This will enable us to leverage our expertise in electronics manufacturing to produce high-quality drones to meet the needs of clients in the aerospace, defence, and other industries. We are proud to be part of an Australian industry that is at the forefront of drone innovation.”

What does the partnership mean for the industry?

This deal is a significant step forward for the capability of the Aussie drone industry, enabling Carbonix to scale up production while maintaining high standards of quality and reliability.

Carbonix Chief Executive Officer Philip van der Burg said the company was delighted to be partnering with GPC Electronics, a company with a proven track record in delivering high-quality electronic assemblies. “For us it means having a supply of high quality, consistent, tested avionics on tap and the support to react to supply chain disruptions,” he said.

“The partnership is a testament to the strength of the Australian drone industry and the value of sovereign capability. Together, we can create a vertically integrated solution that delivers world-class UAVs to customers across a range of industries,” Philip van der Burg added.

What does the partnership mean for Carbonix?

Carbonix is an innovative drone tech firm that develops high-performance unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) for a range of industries, like agriculture, mining, and defence. Their drones are designed for high endurance, long-range, and operations in challenging environments.

Carbonix recently became one of just a few drone companies to get Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLoS) approval in Greater Sydney, paving the way for it to do BVLOS testing and missions with payloads including surveying LiDar scanners and photogrammetry cameras.

The approval follows a strong 2022 for the company having scaled up production after inking a deal with Quickstep and partnering with a range of firms to support their aerial surveying programs like SA Power Networks, The ACT Rural Fire Service and Geo-data specialist Fugro.