Global pioneer carbon neutral gold ETF, GoldZero, named ESG innovation of the year

Trovio a commodities digitisation firm, has been announced as the winner of Environmental Finance’s ESG Innovation of the Year for GoldZero, the first carbon neutral gold ETF.

Developed with the world’s largest voluntary carbon credit exchange, Xpansiv CBL Markets, GoldZero aims to empower investors to achieve a net-zero carbon target in their portfolio. 

The judges of the Environmental Finance Sustainable Investment Awards were impressed with GoldZero’s innovative approach to modernising the world’s oldest asset class.

Trovio’s innovation to further net-zero carbon target

Transforming the oldest asset class into a product that meets the modern investor standards is truly innovative and a leading example of the nexus of sustainability, technology, and finance.

GoldZero is very impressive approach to a traditionally ‘dirty’ asset’, as well as its “joint focus on both institutional and retail, and the full lifecycle approach.

Set to float on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) on August 1st, GoldZero eliminates gold’s carbon emissions via perpetually held retired carbon credits linked to Trovio.

Investors can track the provenance of gold and its carbon offset for its entire lifecycle. The result is a global ESG-friendly premium gold product unlike any other in the market. 

“We’re honoured to receive Environmental Finance’s ESG Innovation of the Year award for GoldZero. The award validates and recognises the progress we’re making towards empowering investors to promote better climate decisions,” said Jon Deane, CEO of Trovio.

Benefits of investing in Trovio’s GoldZero

By investing in GoldZero, fund managers can be confident that their investments don’t add carbon emissions to their portfolio and thus achieve and promote a net-zero carbon target. 

“Investors can now choose an investment product that meets global ESG standards while retaining the performance of gold as a store of value and inflation hedge,” Deane added. 

Trovio offers both centralised and decentralised platform solutions for the digitization, tokenization and provenance tracking of assets, including gold and other commodities.

Since 2018, The Perth Mint has been digitising gold by leveraging Trovio’s blockchain-powered SaaS solution, TrovioBRIDGE, to deliver gold and silver directly to clients.

Trovio was also issuer of The Perth Mint Gold Token (PMGT) – the world’s first digital gold token on a public blockchain backed by government-guaranteed gold.

Trovio plans to create a myriad of other net-zero carbon emission products, all underpinned by its Global Emissions Offset (GEO) contract.