Carbios joins the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s sustainability initiative

Carbios, a pioneer in the development and industrialization of biological technologies to reinvent the life cycle of plastics and textiles, announced its membership of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s Network. Carbios shares the Foundation’s commitment to accelerate the transition to a circular economy, especially in the areas of plastics and fashion.

Why is Carbios’ membership a no brainer?

Carbios fully adheres to the foundation’s vision for a circular economy for plastic. Its top biorecycling and biodegradation tech already match the actions defined by the Foundation:

  1. Eliminate all problematic and unnecessary plastic items
  2. Innovate to ensure that the plastics we do need are reusable, recyclable, or compostable
  3. Circulate all the plastic items we use to keep them in the economy and out of the environment

Through ambitious projects, plastics and fashion are two topic areas for the Foundation and are also at the heart of Carbios’ activities. Providing actionable solutions to support brands’ ambitious commitments for sustainable packaging and textile industries, Carbios has founded two consortiums: one in the packaging industry established with L’Oréal in 2019, which has since been joined by Nestlé Waters, PepsiCo and Suntory Beverage & Food Europe.

Another consortium was created in 2022 in the textile industry with apparel and fashion brands On, Patagonia, PUMA, PVH Corp. and Salomon. Together, the consortium members develop solutions promoting the recyclability and circularity of their products.

“Carbios is a respected firm capable of delivering impact and a high level of organizational buy-in. We welcome Carbios and look forward to supporting the company on its circular economy journey,” said Katie Attrill, Network Manager at the Ellen MacArthur Foundation.

What does this mean for Carbios?

Emmanuel Ladent, Chief Executive Officer of Carbios

“Becoming a member of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s Network is an important step for Carbios’ development, and an obvious one given our shared commitment to a circular economy. With access to ideas, thought leaders and collaborators, we’re excited to leverage the Foundation’s network of experts to support market access for our innovative solutions for reducing plastic pollution,” said Emmanuel Ladent, Chief Executive Officer of Carbios.

Joining the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s Network takes Carbios’ circular economy actions one step further. Carbios recently underscored its commitment to circularity and environmental responsibilities by publishing its first Sustainability Report at the end of 2022.

Carbios will now connect with other leaders within the Foundation’s leading circular economy network of businesses, policymakers, academia, innovators, and thought leaders worldwide.

In addition, Carbios’ biorecycling and biodegradable solutions were among the first innovations to be labelled “Efficient Solution” by the Solar Impulse Foundation in 2019.