Cannaponics cannabis farm goes green and embraces sustainable tech

Rod Zakostelsky, Founder and Managing Director at Cannaponics
Rod Zakostelsky, Founder and Managing Director at Cannaponics

Cannaponics, aiming to be a leading medical cannabis producer, has committed to creating a greener future by powering the construction of their cannabis farm with 100% renewable energy. The Western Australia-based company known for their innovative harvesting tech, is embracing sustainable technology to further its philosophy of People, Planet, and Profit.

What is Cannaponics resorting to renewable energy?

For the last four months, the company has been powering their site, with 100% solar power, backed by state-of-the-art batteries storage. Originally installed in late 2022, Cannaponics decided to go to stand alone solar power systems as well as battery to lower its general carbon footprint and to also cut costs throughout its construction phase and into production, showing the world how cannabis production and value addition can be done differently and sustainably.

Cannaponics received a $2m state government grant in 2021 to develop the site and ensure the location was being built to the highest sustainable global standards. Since the completion of the successful battery trial, Cannaponics has now committed to build a 1-megawatt solar farm for any future operations and potential energy offtake to other companies within the area.

The use of solar compliments Cannaponics’ other sustainable initiatives, including the potential use of hydrogen-electric power and water harvesting technology. This has positioned Cannaponics as Australia’s only carbon-neutral medicinal cannabis grower. Through the utilisation of these eco-focused technologies, Cannaponics believes that this has the potential to reduce their overall cost of goods by 60%, all while still offering a superior quality product.

What is the market offering of Cannaponics?

Sitting on 165 acres of sun-drenched southwestern land in Western Australia, an area known for its rich soil, resources, and a reputation of quality. Independent research studies show that the chosen site is the optimum climate for growing cannabis. While their 4,000 sqm greenhouse delivering a controlled environment allows for year-round growth. Being vertically integrated confirms the delivery of both controlled production size and quality in all areas.

Solidifying the emerging leader’s strength in cultivating top-quality medicinal cannabis products, Cannaponics is on a mission to close the gap on the growing patient demand and increasing acceptance of premium grade plant-based medicinal pain relief. Right now, the team at Cannaponics are launching their first ever equity campaign via Birchal as the demand for high quality medical grade cannabis continues to soar in Australia and all around the world.

With the Australian cannabis market forecasted to reach $1.4 billion AUD by the year 2032, and with a worldwide estimate of $47 billion USD, Cannaponics is aiming to be a key player in this growing billion-dollar industry. The proficient company is leading the revolution in responsible business practices and is also showing the world how cannabis is done differently.

With the goal of becoming Australia’s leading producer of the finest quality medicinal cannabis products on the market with a diverse selection of products and services, Cannaponics are technology innovators on the Australian market. The company is incorporating radiant energy vacuum technology (REV), to dry their crop harvest quickly without comprising any quality.

What did the Cannaponics executive have to say?

“Our focus has always been on the wellbeing of the people, planet as well as on profits. This technology represents the intersection of all three of these core principles as we can bring high quality, life-saving products to our customers at a lower cost to their wallets and the planet.”

“We are in a unique position to make Autralian people’s lives significantly better by encouraging social equity for a cleaner planet and allowing profits to make and evoke emotion to change the future. When it comes to medicinal cannabis, we can harness the best of local and international expertise as well as modern technology to deliver products that exceed all kinds of expectations,” said Founder & Managing Director of Cannaponics, Rod Zakostelsky.

For Australians that are interested in helping by investing in Australia’s green future, Cannaponic’s crowdfunding campaign on Birchal is live and open for Expressions of Interest.


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