Camplify and Zorali create Earth Offices so people can work remotely

Justin Hales, CEO and Founder of Camplify

A recent survey, commissioned by leading caravan, campervan and motorhome rental platform, Camplify, found that 74% of Australians are keen to hit the road and work remotely from a van post the COVID 19 pandemic induced lockdown.

Furthermore, the survey also reported that 59% of those interested in the possibility believed it would benefit their mental health as well as offer them the chance to explore areas they might have missed seeing if they were only constrained to annual leave days. 

Zorali, one of Australia’s fastest-growing outdoor brands, has also observed the change, with a 600% increase in sales of their outdoor products since the start of the pandemic.

With their community looking to find ways to make the digital nomad lifestyle possible, Zorali teamed up with Camplify to help individuals and organizations bring their Earth Office to life.

Both brands have created the ultimate ‘earth offices’, where Aussies can hit the road in vans kitted out with all the comforts and essentials of an office, for the entire month of November.

Effect of the COVID 19 pandemic on the working patterns

Due to Covid-19, many Australians have been working from home for the last 18 months, with the percentage of people working from home jumping from 8% to 40% in two years.

As attitudes shift towards the flexibility of home working, many Australians are looking to blend remote working with travel, to make up for all of that time at home and unused leave.

30% of survey respondents in the Camplify study would be interested in road-tripping for over two months while 25% want to travel for less than 2 months.

19% want two weeks, and 15% are looking to travel on a short trip for a week or less. 

When venturing on these trips and working from the road 49% of people believe working from the road would encourage them to be more active with nature around them.

The opportunity would also offer a chance to also tick off things on their bucket list, such as driving down the Great Ocean Road (45%) or watching the sunset at Uluru (55%).

One of the overwhelming reasons most respondents are keen to head out on a road trip is moving away from the structure many people have become accustomed to, with 63% of people most looking forward to having the freedom of no set plan or schedule. 

How feasible is the study in white-collar Australia

While there is an indication people are keen to head out on the road and work remotely, nearly 50% are not sure if their bosses would allow for such a work set-up, despite most of us have worked from home on and off for the last 18 months due to the pandemic.

Another factor holding people back is a fear that there will be a lack of services such as internet and phone reception, as 49% reported this as a key barrier to working.

However, Camplify and Zorali have worked together to create dedicated road offices in New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland, each equipped with the resources to help nomads work from an RV as well as the essentials to go exploring when you get your downtime. 

Camplify on the research study findings

Justin Hales, CEO and Founder of Camplify had the following insights.

“Many people have been working from home for the past 18 months. Now that regional travel is starting up again, we’re excited to create Camplify x Zorali Earth Office vans.”

“The vans give people the chance to work in an environment they believe will benefit productivity while also aiding their travel to destinations they have always wanted to see.”

“We encourage our own team to experience van-life and see incredible landscapes, visit local communities and spend some nights under the stars as part of our flexible work approach.”

Cassie based in Heathcote, New South Wales is a campervan fit for working from the road.

Cassie brings luxury and ease where she goes, whether that be on the coastal sandy beaches, or in the verdant bush. Cassie comes with all the practical items to make travel stress-free, including a pull-out kitchen, gas heating, solar power, a water tank and a fridge. 

Byron based in Miami, QLD is a luxury van that offers every essential feature that you will need to adventure off-grid. The solar system is set up for travelers to use anywhere they may choose to camp and is powerful enough to keep going throughout all-weather days.

The van also includes an induction cooktop, Weber BBQ, and hot and cold water in the kitchen. There is a hot water shower out the back of the van, with privacy screens and plenty of water on board so travelers can take the van anywhere and stay clean.

The Roaming Van in St Kilda, VIC, is fully equipped with everything travelers need to hit the road and get lost in style and comfort. With a full pull-out kitchen with a timber countertop.

The van also has a two-burner stove and freezer, an outdoor hot water shower system, the Roaming Van also has a robust 12V electrical system for charging phones and devices. 

After a day of hard work in the office away from home, Aussies will then be able to get out of the van to discover the wonders, kitted out with all of the essentials from Zorali.

These include a list of challenges to do try on their trip, including taking a dip on their lunch break, a kettle and coffee dripper, two coffee mugs, a hat and a backpack for outdoors. 

Zorali on the research study findings

Cam Greenwood, Founder and director of Zorali had these interesting insights.

“Being on the road is a great way for people to reconnect with nature and themselves, that personal time is a necessity for a perfect balance between work and personal life.

“By working while the road to the most pristine places, it creates the best of both worlds, and we have you covered when it comes to exploring the hidden gems Australia has to offer.”

There is much to explore by working from the road and it allows for the opportunity to change the backdrop of the home office, which for some has become quite repetitive.

According to Camplify’s research, National Parks (30%) and beaches (33%) are the two most ideal settings for people that would like to work remotely and with each road office from Camplify designed to aid nomads in their travels given that there are many to explore. 

With over 58% of people saying they will or sometimes be working remotely in the next 12 months, it’s a perfect opportunity for a change of scenery and to enjoy the freedom on the road, and with the dedicated road offices from Zorali and Camplify, it has never been easier.