Butter raises $3.2m funding to enhance interactive workshops

Butter, a Zoom-like platform designed for interactive workshops, has raised $3.2 million in seed funding. The aim is to empower workshop facilitators to host virtual workshops that are much better than their physical ones.

The Team behind Butter aims to own the future of remote workshop collaboration by building a full suite — owning the before, during and after the workshop.

Their goal is to bridge the pros of going digital with the flow and energy of physical workshops – making virtual workshops better than physical ones.

The funds from the round will be used for building out a full workshop suite that allows facilitators to prep, run and manage the entire workshop directly from Butter.

Your all-in-one workshop app

Butter defines workshops as complex sessions where people collaborate towards clear outcomes. It’s designed specifically to help facilitators make their sessions more interactive and engage participants more effectively towards workshop outcomes. 

Butter is built for facilitators who are frustrated with needing to switch between different tools in one session and who have a hard time keeping the energy level up during a workshop.

In Butter, they are able to set the workshop and the energy up right through powerful integrations with collaboration tools like Miro and Google Drive, presentable agenda, polls, breakout rooms, and interactive elements like reactions and chat where participants can easily be engaged — all packed into a fun, intuitive and powerful interface.

It’s a workshop video app built for strategy consultants, design sprinters, and HR trainers. It has many of the tools they need to run interactive, collaborative sessions.

In Butter, they can energise sessions with ease, and allows them to put the focus back into hosting great sessions and less on managing multiple tools.

Butter’s goal is to allow workshop facilitators to host a workshop with the perfect workshop flow – creating an engaging and delighting experience for their participants.

The pain points of running workshops

Butter is a fully-distributed remote company with people from Asia, Europe, Africa and the US, and was founded by three seasoned startup founders: Jakob Knutzen, Christopher Holm-Hansen,  both are Danish and Adam Wan, a Malaysian.

They first worked together in StreamCrux, a game streaming community startup, which they eventually decided to shut down in early 2020.

Despite the early setback, they knew that they wanted to stay together, and continued to work on different startup ideas such as remotecamp.io, which provided workshops to help companies cultivate a remote-first culture when COVID started.

The founders had experience in facilitating hundreds of workshops from their past careers in strategy consulting and design agencies. But through Remote Camp, they experienced firsthand how painful online workshops can be inspiring them to start building Butter.

Building the future of remote collaboration.

Butter is banking on the growth of the billion-dollar software collaboration market. The growth was further accelerated when the pandemic pushed companies to host workshops and events remotely — a trend that is expected to continue even after the world normalises again.

“Remote complex collaboration is here to stay. We believe that COVID truly showed to the world that we’re able to work together, even though we’re not sitting next to each other. With Butter, we’re building the future of remote collaboration,” Jakob Knutzen said.

Prominent investors and top startup heads have supported Butter’s vision.

Project A, the premium Seed & Series A European fund, led the seed funding round together with several investors including

Meanwhile, Morph Capital invested in their pre-seed round, and on top of it, Butter received soft funding from Vaekstfonden and Innovation Fund Denmark.


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