BusyCyber ’22: 50+ cybersecurity thought leadership articles that we published in 2022 [ROUND-UP]

2022 was undoubtedly a very eventful year in the cybersecurity realm – from state-sponsored attacks to ransomware attacks to the emergence of new forms of phishing. Enterprise security breaches and critical infrastructure attacks also spiked, thanks to new threat vectors.

Fortunately, we at BusyContinent had cybersecurity experts from various companies sharing insightful thought leadership content – both opinion and advice pieces – on various cybersecurity topics, publishing an average of one post per week throughout last year.

On that note, here are the over 50 cybersecurity by-lined articles that we shared in 2022:

  1. Cybersecurity landscape: 2023 cyber security predictions from BlackBerry by Jonathan Jackson
  2. Three reasons why business content needs a proactive cybersecurity plan by Ellen Benaim
  3. Software risks remain rampant but actionable solutions also exist by Girish Janardhanudu
  4. Popular apps kids and teens are using and the risks to be wary of by Stephen Kho
  5. Cybersecurity specialists: The new era of critical workers in the industry by Luke Power
  6. The state of ransomware activity and where to next for Aussie organisations by Luke Power
  7. 2023: A crucial year for cybersecurity developments in OT and ICS sectors by Danielle Jablanski
  8. 2023 predictions highlight increased risk for damage thanks to cybergangs by Michal Salat
  9. Organisations need a multi-layered approach to solve data vulnerabilities by David Lenz
  10. Staying on top of cyber threats: The need for visibility in your digital terrain by Kevin O’Leary
  11. Sharpen your 2023 vision: Time to make identity security your priority by Chern-Yue Boey
  12. False sense of cybersecurity: Latest research reveals it’s rife in Australia by Matthew McWhirter
  13. Why little and often is important in cybersecurity awareness training by Jacqueline Jayne
  14. Safeguarding Australia’s healthcare systems with identity security by Nam Lam
  15. 2023 cybersecurity predictions: Could 2023 be the year of the cyberdemic? by Garrett O’Hara
  16. Why being prepared for cyber attacks should be top priority for Aussie firms by Nam Lam
  17. Fortifying cybersecurity: Smart ways to address the cyber skills shortage by Roger Spence and Michael McKinnon
  18. How can defenders catch security vulnerabilities before attackers do? by Richard Davies
  19. Are the popular digital licences the answer to protecting your identity? by Julianna Burgess
  20. 2023 cybersecurity predictions: Biometrics set to increase in adoption by Blair Crawford
  21. Cyber threat surge: From spilled flat whites to ransomware overnight by Aaron Bugal
  22. Fortifying cybersecurity on Australian shores: 8 tips to keep attacks at bay by Phillip Ivancic
  23. Why people are the key to developing strong security culture in a workplace by Jacqueline Jayne
  24. Keeping your guard up in the face of socially engineered phishing scams by Lloyd Evans
  25. Why OpenSSL vulnerabilities are not quite Heartbleed, but must be patched by Tim Mackey
  26. A third of organisations don’t know if they were hacked in the last year by Andrea Carcano
  27. Firms mismanaging cyberattacks risk failing their customers and losing trust by Lyndall Spooner
  28. How identity security is solving a problem as old as the internet by Gary Savarino
  29. The top cyber attacks still scaring us this Halloween and how to stop them by Andrew Shikiar
  30. Is your email secure? How employees can keep email hygiene and safety by Garrett O’Hara
  31. Optus data breach: Why it’s critical to take the initiative on data ownership by Daniel Lai
  32. Cybersecurity training: Is gamification the key to helping employees learn? by Gerald Ainomugisha
  33. Optus data breach: Telco attack a turning point for phishing campaigns by Ajay Unni
  34. The endless journey to zero-trust: How to thrive amidst rising threats by Dave Russell
  35. Malicious cybercriminals on the rise: Why your business could be at risk by Ajay Unni
  36. Images of City2Surf spectators are landing in vast biometric engines by Blair Crawford
  37. Here’s why the click rate for vishing scams is triple that of phishing by Gerald Ainomugisha
  38. The cybersecurity shared economy: How to help SMBs most at risk by Graeme Pyper
  39. What businesses should do to protect against state-aided cyber attacks by Christiaan Beek
  40. Landmark decision sees RI Advice found guilty of breaching obligations by Ajay Unni
  41. Why Australian small businesses need the cloud to truly feel secure by Andy Brockhoff
  42. The current condition of intelligent automation adoption in cybersecurity by Cyrille Badeau
  43. Trust and good dose of caution: How to protect from the rising cyber threat by Garrett O’Hara
  44. Three things business leaders must acquaint themselves about security by Rick Vanover
  45. Could cybersecurity debt be the biggest security threat in 2022? by Thomas Fikentscher
  46. Ransomware payments in crypto shoot up as new trends emerge by Kimberly Grauer
  47. How Australian businesses can fortify against Russian cyber attacks by Ajay Unni
  48. Here are 5 security features your website and app must include by Anushka Bandara
  49. How to cope with Australia’s coming cybersecurity talent shortage by Christopher Cochran
  50. How you can be cybersmart in this 18th Cybersecurity Awareness Month by Anthony Stitt
  51. Public sector must remain diligent as cloud and ransomware intersect by Gilberto Vega
  52. Cyber security expert expounds on the News Corp cyber attack by Ajay Unni
  53. IT networking pros: Catapult your career by investing in these four areas by Sascha Giese
  54. Finding harmony: How marketing, security and privacy can co-exist by Guy Hanson
  55. The coming reckoning will show ROI accruing from threat intelligence by Chris Jacob
  56. Aussies walk away from brands that don’t protect them from cyber threats by Garrett O’Hara
  57. The pandemic has given tech pros new found confidence. What’s next? by Chrystal Taylor

Thank you for reading, we look forward to sharing BusyCyber ’23 a year from now!