Fiverr reveals a surge in demand for marketing and digital skills in Australia

Hila Klein, Chief Operating Officer at Fiverr

Fiverr, the company revolutionising how the world works together, released its Business Trends Index for 2022. Despite economic uncertainty, Aussie businesses are continuing to invest in growth and customer acquisition, with Instagram Social Media Manager, Marketing Strategy and Facebook Ads topping the list of most in-demand skills in Australia in 2022.  

What were the executive’s thoughts on the study?

This can be seen with a 133% increase in searches for Instagram Social Media Managers, 50% increase for Marketing Strategists and 34% increase for Facebook Ads Managers over the past 12 -month. The data from 2022’s Business Trends Index reflects Australian business owners’ resilience and positive outlook for the coming year, says Hila Klein, COO of Fiverr.

“It’s great to see that businesses are investing in digital and marketing roles that are fundamental to growth. Australian businesses continue to navigate unpredictable times from a labour shortage and economic outlook, and we’re incredibly proud that Fiverr’s dynamic talent cloud solution has played a role in helping them access the skills they need to grow.” 

What were the insights of the index?

Fiverr’s Business Trends Index analyses the millions of  searches for services on Fiverr’s platform to predict what’s important, what’s trending and what areas businesses have been seeking support with over the past six months. Forward-thinking  businesses are evaluating how they stay relevant to their clients and have increased their investment in marketing

With more businesses looking to fill resourcing gaps quickly, demand for freelancers has been at an all time high. Freelance marketing strategists now have the ability to earn up to $2,300 per job, with other digital roles following suit reporting similar earning ranges. It’s an optimal time for Australians to leverage their digital skills online and consider freelancing.

Fiverr’s Business Trends Index Top 10 

  • Instagram Social Media Manager, 133% growth; earning range between $330-$1955

  • Marketing Strategy, 50% growth; earning range between $1600 – $6900

  • Facebook Ads Manager, 34% growth; earning range between $580 – $1400 

  • Video Advertiser, 44% growth; earning range between $1170 -$4,600

  • Twitter, 39% growth; earning range between $100 – $323

  • Google Adwords, 38% growth; earning range between $381 – $1560 

  • Shopify Marketing, 27% growth; earning range between $248 – $490

  • YouTube Monetization, 22% growth; earning range between $132 – $414 

  • YouTube Video Editor, 18% growth; earning range between $828 – $3,647

  • Podcast Editor, 18% growth; earning range between $165 – $414