Bumpd built with Checkbox to help parents fight workplace discrimination

Daniel Yim, Co-founder, Bumpd

Checkbox‘s no-code automation software has been used to develop and launch Bumpd, a free online tool that automates legal claims for mothers, fathers and parents-to-be experiencing pregnancy or parenting-related discrimination in the workplace.

Bumpd was conceptualized by Australian lawyers and legal technology experts, Daniel Yim and Erin Kanygin, who worked together at a law firm and teamed up after seeing several sham redundancies and unfair dismissal following pregnancy or parental leave.

Parenting-related discrimination is systemic and widespread.

A report by Australian Human Rights Commission found that 18% of mothers had lost their job during pregnancy when they requested or took parental leave or when they returned to work.

Only 4% of mothers experiencing discrimination make a complaint to a government agency.

Pregnant women need more legal insulation

“Since having my own child, I’ve heard stories of people losing their job due to blatant pregnancy or parenting-related discrimination. This behavior has been outlawed for decades and hits people at their most emotional and vulnerable point but it keeps happening.”

“As a lawyer, it felt wrong that we have these laws, yet most new parents can’t avail themselves of these protections because the legal process is too costly, stressful and complicated.”

“Even those who can hire a lawyer often find it difficult to justify doing so.”

“With Erin, we decided to explore using the Checkbox platform to build an automated tool for Australians to prepare formal legal claims tailored to their personal situations in the Fair Work Commission’s guidelines and 21-day time frame, all at no cost,” said Daniel Yim.

Bumpd draws inspiration from Checkbox

Yim and Kanygin developed Bumpd using Checkbox’s no-code automation features, which allowed them to take Bumpd from idea validation to live beta launch in less than one month.

They’ve expanded the team, obtained not-for-profit (NFP) registration and received funding from the Australian Legal Technology Association and Victoria Law Foundation.

Checkbox offers a drag and drop interface for users to create apps and processes without deep technical skills or coding, supporting rapid go-to-market and on-demand updates.

Kanygin, a legal app specialist, said Checkbox was selected as it allowed Bumpd to hit the ground running, and enabled simple collaboration to update and evolve the service.

“Bumpd is not a replacement for lawyers, but we are moving into a world where people want and can have full control and empowerment to solve their own problems.”

“We don’t need to put our lives entirely into the hands of a service provider,” said Kanygin.

“Building the app, my motivation was coming from programming in the variables and imagining how helpful these answer options would be for someone who finds themselves in the situation of being discriminated against at work for parenting reasons.”

“Checkbox is a comprehensive product, but it is very easy to use as it facilitates adding variables and new functions to be done in a very short timespan.”

Yim and Kanygin plan to expand Bumpd to provide services for a broader range of legal avenues, laws, and instances of discrimination as its user base grows.

“Bumpd represents a tremendous step in highlighting the issue of parental discrimination, and simultaneously helps parents tackle unfair treatment during what is already an incredibly stressful time,” said Evan Wong, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Checkbox.

“Bumpd has been able to use the Checkbox automation platform to go from idea validation to market and hand control back to those affected by this workplace issue.”

Bumpd was recently named winner at the ALTACON 21 Pitch Competition.