Building your dream: How quirky habits have kept me streamlined

From the moment I walked into a research lab in university, I knew that I was exactly where I wanted to be, I wanted to discover numerous ways to support and improve the health of the human body. My journey as a student, researcher and now company director has given me the tools and capability to create innovative products that genuinely help people. 

Renovatio’s unique products contain the world’s most potent antioxidants and every day I continue my work to explore new ways of applying my research to develop new products.

How do you keep focused?

I work long hours and must maintain high levels of concentration. Working in a lab can be tiring but also exhilarating at the same time, especially when we make breakthroughs with our formulations and testing. This is where the magic happens and new products are born. My quirky habits help him to maintain energy levels and high levels of concentration.

Two eggs for breakfast

Every morning without fail, I eat a two egg omelette for breakfast. It sounds boring to some, but it is an important ritual for me. I first learned to make omelettes to teach myself patience and adaptability, simple dish but it requires both these amazing qualities to make it excellent!

Eggs are packed full of goodness. They contain iron, vitamins, minerals, and carotenoids as well as disease-fighting nutrients like lutein and zeaxanthin. I have been eating the same breakfast for over ten years and my body is used to this level and type of energy and it works brilliantly for me. It sets me up for a day requiring energy and endurance.

I go to bed at midnight

My university days have prepared me well for international business. Renovatio now exports to multiple countries all over the world. So, I stay up until midnight dealing with different correspondence, answering emails, speaking with distributors and stockists and managing other business activities. This is also the time that I catch up with general news and what is happening in the market. My body clock is set to go to sleep at midnight, no matter what.

I skip everywhere

Sounds weird but I love skipping. Every morning I do 2,000 skips without fail. I find skipping great for the cardiovascular system and an excellent way to maintain my coordination.

This also teaches me the important of discipline. When I travel overseas, I take my skipping rope with me and I skip in the hotel room. My skipping rope goes with me everywhere.

Five to six hours sleep

Even though I go to bed late, I am always up early every day. I find this is the best way to check emails, respond to urgent matters and get myself set up for the day ahead.

In addition, My body functions extremely well on this amount of sleep and if I feel tired, I simply down tools and have a power nap for 10 minutes to recharge the mind and body.

Walk and talk

Phone time is dead time if you are sitting, so the minute I take a call or have to make a call, I start pacing. I walk and talk, pacing around so that I am keeping active while I am on the phone. This enables me to be present for the person on the end of the line and not distracted by a computer screen. I spend a lot of time on the phone during the day so walking and talking is actually a really good way to get in some steps towards my step count.

While my habits may seem quirky, they provide an important sense of routine and give my body the essential fuel it needs to get him through the day. Naturally I supplement my diet with Renovatio ‘An Apple A Day’ Activated Phenolics Tablets, Mental Resilience and other Renovatio products but my quirky habits work for my mind and body and this is important.

And things are not slowing down for me. The Renovatio products are already stocked in Woolworths nationally and are about to be stocked in Coles from August 2022 as well.

Dr Vincent Candrawinata is the founder of Renovatio Bioscience. Renovatio Bioscience is an Australian success story. Founded in 2016 by Dr Vincent, a highly respected antioxidant researcher, food scientist and clinical nutritionist, the business has developed a range of supplements and skin care products made from 100% Australian apples which are sold nationally and overseas in multiple countries.  

Dr. Vincent Candrawinata, Founder of Renovatio Bioscience