COLOPL’s Brilliantcrypto partners with 7 Guild/DAO organizations

Brilliantcrypto, Inc. has partnered with 7 Guild/DAO organizations across the world. Through these partnerships, Brilliantcrypto, the sustainable play-to-earn game, will advance onto the world stage through reaching these territories in which many blockchain game users reside.

Who are the new partners?


OlaGG is the largest Web3 gaming community in the Hispanic market, boasting over 400,000 members across Latin America and Spain. Their community actively engages in the web3 economy by creating content, embarking on quests, and taking part in esports tournaments.

As their players participate in community programs and level up together, they enhance their own growth. They serve as a platform for economic empowerment within our community.


IndiGG is a gaming decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) acquired by Kratos Studios building distribution rails in emerging markets starting with India, to enable value exchange between game developers and gamers. The community is a collection of multiple micro-gaming communities that carry out independent operations to onboard players to web3. It is the largest web3 gaming community with a phygital presence of over 700,000 players.

In the IndiGG model 70-80% of the funds that are received from games are instantly passed on to the community in the form of rewards in a completely transparent manner Kratos Studios has raised $20 million from marquee venture investors such as Accel, Prosus Ventures, Nexus Venture Partners, etc. and L2 investors like ImmutableX and Polygon.


GuildQB is a Web3 social platform that caters to GameFi and NFT game players. Since their launch in the spring of 2022, they’ve been sharing information about Web3 gaming through “Scholars Lab”, as well as on Instagram, and Twitter. In Feb 2023, they launched their first NFT collection “Kisaragi” and are developing their metaverse platform, “QB Metaverse City”.

GuildQB has also been active in physical events, exhibiting at the Tokyo Game Show and Blockchain Expo in 2022. With our partners Kyrie & Terra, we have made efforts to raise awareness about Web3 games. Stay updated on GuildQB through Discord, where you can get the latest news and even win AL rumble and coins you can use soon. Their Discord is also a great place to connect with fellow players and discuss strategies for Web3 games!

Samurai Guild Games

Samurai Guild Games is a Japanese guild, tearing down barriers for Japanese participation in Web3 games. The innovative platform enriches their members’ lives by creating new gaming opportunities that are centered around Play, Earn, Learn, and Create. #SamuraiGG


AvocadoDAO is a pioneer in the Blockchain gaming space, boasting the largest scholarship size of 2021 with a main directive of on boarding the next generation of Web3 users. The platform is a collective of like-minded community members and other other core contributors that strongly believe in the benefits of Blockchain technologies and metaverses.


PathDAO is the premier venture studio based in SEA building the future of gaming. We invest into and incubate projects at the intersection of web3, social, and gaming. Besides that, we are a digital society that welcomes all gamers regardless of background.

Ninja Game Guild

Ninja Game Guild is a game guild mainly based in Africa. Through NFT games, they tie Japan and Africa together, and aim to resolve societal issues. In May 2023, they worked with large businesses from Japan at a Web3 event held in Nigeria, helping build a bridge between businesses and participants through sharing information as panelists and participants.

They manage Guild, Inc., which has non-fungible token (NFT) Game guilds and also the objective of accelerating business cooperation between Japan and Africa.