Brightcove launches solution to boost internal communications capabilities

Marty Roberts, Senior Vice President of Product Strategy and Marketing at Brightcove

Brightcove Inc., a trusted streaming tech company, announced the launch of Brightcove Communications Studio, a new video-first solution designed to help HR and communications professionals build deeper relationships and better engage with their internal stakeholders.

What is the product offering of the solutions?

Brightcove Communications Studio is a customizable solution providing a branded and seamless experience to reach and engage stakeholders, both internally and externally.

From onboarding employees to distributing company-wide updates and training, Communications Studio creates a consumer-centric streaming experience for stakeholders to tackle common communications challenges. Brightcove Communications Studio features:

  • Immersive Streaming: the solution features new video carousels for a highly visual discovery experience and organized collections that internal communications teams can curate to provide a tailored viewing experience for their audiences
  • Secure Viewing: enhanced with security and protection features, such as Single Sign-On, IP restrictions and content protection
  • Live and On-Demand Content: the solution enables live, pre-recorded and on-demand content to power internal communications efforts for activations like town halls, company all-hands, and team presentations
  • Additional Capabilities: easy-to-use video management and publishing interface, multilingual support, interactive elements (polls, quizzes, chats), search functionality, automated captioning capabilities for accessibility, and analytics and reporting

What does the solutions mean for organisations?

“Whether you have a hybrid, in-person or virtual working environment, we have all seen how vital it is to proactively communicate with internal stakeholders regardless of location or language,” said Marty Roberts, SVP of Product Strategy and Marketing for Brightcove.

“Firms are looking for powerful ways to engage, inform, educate and inspire employees, shareholders, franchisees and partners. A video-first strategy for internal communications can be a powerful tool to build and retain stronger connections with all stakeholders globally.”

For more information, visit the website.