BridgeTower Capital in partnership with Securitize and Chainlink

Cory Pugh, Chief Executive Officer, BridgeTower Capital

BridgeTower Capital, an innovator in blockchain markets, has teamed up with Securitize, a digital assets securities, to launch the BridgeTower Global Platform for Markets. BridgeTower also launched a Staked Digital Asset Security (SDAS) to run in an Avalanche subnet.

BridgeTower is partnering with Securitize, its digital transfer agent, to offer its products through a seamless user interface. Investors simply need to create a Securitize iD, in which their identity is verified consistent with the United States regulatory standards.

What does BridgeTower’s deal with Securitize mean?

They can then invest easily in opportunities across the BridgeTower ecosystem, as well as Securitize’s own offerings, including shares in private companies and institutional grade funds.

Transactions will utilize smart contracts and custodians will provide transparency around asset collateralization using Chainlink Proof of Reserve, an oracle solution for auditing on-chain and off-chain reserves. Using Chainlink to verify the tokens across the multi-chain ecosystem, BridgeTower’s Permissioned Markets will unlock asset liquidity across blockchains.

BridgeTower’s Permissioned markets will include DeFi financial products such as customized blockchain staking opportunities, token swaps and NFT development with arts, entertainment, and sporting ventures to provide seamless, institutionally compliant products.

Why should users opt for BridgeTower Platform?

With over 5,000 of its Staking Nodes, BridgeTower utilizes renewable energy to reduce the carbon footprint. Already a leading proof-of-stake infrastructure provider for leading Layer 1 blockchains and Web 3.0 companies, BridgeTower has built its fast-growing foundational staking and DeFi business through partnerships and investments over the past few years.

“We are bridging the value of innovative blockchain staking and DeFi products seamlessly to institutional investors,” said BridgeTower Capital’s Chief Executive Officer, Cory Pugh.

“We have worked to bring regulated processes by using our staking in Permissioned Markets to create a compliant gateway for institutions to pertake in the blockchain opportunity.”

“There is a demand to participate in DeFi, but the lack of safe places to participate has kept institutions on the sidelines,” said Jamie Finn, president, and co-founder of Securitize.

“Now that Securitize is offering permissioned DeFi through on-chain attestations, as well as through our partnership with Avalanche to build a permissioned subnet, the doors to regulated DeFi have opened. The internationally integrated platform BridgeTower has created will now enable more financial institutions to enter the market a lot more confidently.”

What does Avax SDAS bring to BridgeTower Platform?

“Avalanche has become the destination for institutions to access the innovation emerging from decentralized finance and contribute their own expertise in creating products and ecosystems of value on-chain,” said John Nahas, VP of Business Development at Ava Labs.

“I am very excited to see BridgeTower and Securitize expanding their involvement in the Avalanche community and building institutional-grade applications for better UX.”

BridgeTower’s recent product innovation is a Staked Digital Asset Security. The security will receive staking rewards, and after a year’s hold time can be traded in Permissioned Market.

The AVAX Staking Security token will represent staked AVAX utilizing Smart Contracts, to mint staked utility tokens on the Avalanche Chain and run across a subnet. This will create a single digital asset security designed for investors capable of administering KYC, whitelisting, cap table management and reporting. BridgeTower will launch other products later this year.

The Digital Staking Asset AVAX Security will also be offered on the Securitized Markets Alternative Trading System making it available to a wide range of accredited investors.

There are more than 400,000 investors participating in Securitize Markets. Eventually, it is expected that the AVAX Staked Digital Asset Security, and other Institutional-grade staking securities will also be offered on Layer 1, Web 3.0, and eventually other exchanges.

“We believe this product is unique and will be attractive to institutional investors who are looking for a regulated, global security to participate in the dramatically expanding blockchain proof-of-stake market. We are thrilled to partner with Securitize and Avalanche and for the expertise they bring as industry leaders in their respective areas,” Pugh added.