BridgeTower Capital partners with industry-leading art fund Artemundi

Cory Pugh, Chief Executive Officer, BridgeTower Capital

BridgeTower Capital, an innovator in connecting blockchain markets, teamed up with Artemundi, a global art fund, to release NFTs featuring the work of artist Francisco Goya. The announcement was made at the Avalanche Summit this week in Barcelona, where all live attendees received the NFT of Goya’s Caprice No. 6 titled, “No One Knows Each Other.”

Who is Francisco Goya?

Caprice No.6 is the first of a series of Goya NFTs that will be released over the next year and will be selected from 80 Caprices owned by Artemundi. Each will include an introduction about Goya, a description title for all countries and a description of the symbolism of the piece.

“Francisco Goya is frequently recognized for his ability to portray the human condition and we believe this series of NFTs are a unique opportunity to bring the work of this Spanish Master to an entirely new audience for appreciation,” said Artemundi CEO Javier Lumbreras.

“Francisco Goya’s work transcends time. This piece – Caprice No. 6 – shines light on our ability to effectively connect with each other. This has never been more relevant today and is at the core of our community within the internationally expanding Metaverse.”

How will BridgeTower’s clients access the NFTs?

The NFTs will reside in the BridgeTower Permissioned Market, that investors can enter by creating a Securitize iD for a seamless KYC process that can be carried out in minutes. Securitize is a global leader in compliant issuance of digital assets and securities.

“It is an honor for BridgeTower to participate in this partnership with Artemundi celebrating the work of Francisco Goya. The BridgeTower Permissioned Market is a perfect place for these NFTs to reside and to create – through smart contracts within the Market – the proper asset ownership and authority for the investor,” said BridgeTower CEO Cory Pugh.

One of the most important elements of the Goya NFT collection will be the opportunities created for new and deeper interactions with a community of appreciation for Goya’s work. Discussion Forums will be built to discuss 21st Century interpretation of the Caprices, discussion of artistic expression, language, qualitative and subjective value of the Caprice.

Additionally, a “how to see and appreciate your Goya Caprice” will be excerpted from the book The Art of Collecting Art, written by Javier Lumbreras.

The 21st Century relevance of the Goya masterpieces offer compelling themes that could be taken from today’s headlines. In addition to the Metaverse, upcoming Goya NFTs will feature themes like gender inequality, demagogue/fake news, freedom and the events in Ukraine.

“NFTs are just an incredible opportunity for everyone to participate in art in the 21st century. It truly is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and we’re thrilled to be a part of this partnership between Artemundi and BridgeTower Capital,” continued Lumbreras.