Inventory management app BoxHero launches in the U.S. and Canada

Widely used across retail, fashion and other industries around the world, BoxHero Inc. (BoxHero) announced its official launch in North America. An easy-to-use inventory management solution for small to medium-sized businesses and enterprises, BoxHero is compatible with desktop and mobile use and verifies its global popularity in the top search results among “inventory management” apps on both Google Play and in the Apple Store.

Focusing its offline presence initially on the Southern California market, BoxHero seeks to generate awareness and connect with potential customers by attending networking events, hosting live demonstrations and speaking at trade shows and panels, including an upcoming appearance at OKTA-LA, an annual event which is co-hosted by the The Overseas Korean Trade Association and LA Consulate General of the Republic of Korea in Los Angeles.

What does BoxHero bring to the US and Canada?

Over the last five years, the innovative platform has gained significant traction in light of growth and evolution within the traditional retail sector, pandemic disruptions to the supply chain, and recent inflationary trends. Currently, BoxHero has a presence in over 100 countries, with 200,000+ users and 20% of clients located in the American market.

With BoxHero, U.S. and Canadian businesses can save money, time and frustration through real-time inventory visibility, management and analytics. And with its intuitive UI/UX design, the app allows first-time customers to begin the process with minimal effort, distinguishing it as the best inventory management app for novices and established users alike.

Among the numerous benefits of BoxHero, businesses can:

  • See an overview of all inventory, customize and group attributes for each product, and supervise multiple stock locations at a glance
  • Provide team members with multi-level access for real-time collaboration
  • Import bulk data from Excel, export to Excel, and send PO/SO via email directly from the app to trading partners
  • Integrate workflow by custom designing and printing barcode labels for merchandise
  • Utilize financial reporting tools including P&L statements and purchase/sales reports
  • Assess trends and patterns through data analytics to improve inventory planning and avoid understocks and overstocks

What does the expansion mean for BoxHero?

“BoxHero was built to solve vital issues in inventory management. One is the human error inherent to tracking inventory manually with tools like Excel, another the complexity and expense of enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems,” said Chief Strategy Officer Joy Kim.

“As many small to medium business owners and inventory managers have found, some traditional and even digital tools are also incompatible with cloud-based mobile devices.”

“The functionality of BoxHero is complemented by the elegance of simplicity, delivering a very focused suite of tools essential to inventory management. We are excited to officially offer our software solutions in the North American market to help a diversity of companies gain a competitive edge, save time, and maximize profits,” said BoxHero CEO Heehong Moon.