Bopple partners with DoorDash to drive down Aussie delivery costs

Local tech company Bopple, which provides the online platform for some of the world’s most popular hospitality venues, has partnered with $55 billion on-demand delivery service DoorDash, providing commission-free delivery for all Bopple-powered venues.

This marks a big step for local hospitality venues which have had to adapt to online delivery during the pandemic but struggled with the associated costs or market place commissions.

Benefits of the Bopple and DoorDash partnership

Bopple clients, including Gelato Messina, Belle’s Hot Chicken and Zambrero, will now have access to DoorDash Drive’s white-label delivery offering.

They will access the company’s network of drivers and technology while maintaining control of the ordering process, and without paying overhead or marketplace commission fees.

Delivery fees can be passed on direct to the customer, while DoorDash handles overhead, liability and provides real-time tracking.

This is a response to the need for hospitality venues to have an online presence and delivery capability, as bricks and mortar shops struggle with lock downs and decreases in capacity.

DoorDash and Bopple to harness e-commerce growth

In March 2020, at the start of the pandemic in Australia, a business created an account every two seconds on the Bopple platform. According to Roy Morgan Research, more than a quarter of the Australian population ordered online food delivery.

Angus McLachlan, CEO of Bopple says “The partnership with DoorDash is an easy, convenient and efficient delivery option for restaurant and café operators, who can take more orders, keep staff in the venue instead of sending them on deliveries, and avoid high commission fees.”

“Bopple is dedicated to providing restaurants access to the tools they need to start, run and grow online, especially during this challenging new business environment.”

“This partnership makes delivery an easy option for small businesses to split delivery costs with customers and DoorDash handles the logistics so venues don’t have to.”

With more than 22,000 business stores across Australia, reaching over 82% of the population with its driver network, DoorDash Australia’s general manager Rebecca Burrows says, “We are well-placed to bolster Bopple’s service offering for its clients.”

“DoorDash supports hospitality venues, and this partnership allows us to do that by providing our infrastructure and network to help them reach more people, without the added costs.”

“We help venues of all sizes meet the rapidly changing needs of their customers without worrying about the complex logistics or the impact to their bottom line,” said Burrows.