BodeWell Community Care brand by Icon Agency launched by Arcare

Joanne Painter, Managing Director at Icon Agency

Australian leading country wide aged care services provider, Arcare has unveiled a new and interesting in-home care services brand, BodeWell Community Care (BodeWell).

Creative firm Icon Agency was tasked with creating BodeWell’s new brand platform which includes the website, brand narrative, visual identity, collateral and launch campaign. 

Icon Agency creates the BodeWell brand

The project draws Icon’s creative, branding and digital teams, with their end-to-end services. 

“Integrated projects like this are our specialty as they allow us to holistically create brands that live on all channels and work across different media, from earned and owned to paid.” 

“We take pride in our brand, digital and content teams,” said Icon Agency MD, Joanne Painter

“The BodeWell Community Care brand stands out in this interesting category, and is offering a strong foundation for Icon Agency’s ongoing marketing and communications strategy.” 

“The platform draws on our work with the National Disability Insurance Scheme and other major health services portals to create a user-friendly experience and easy to use interface.” 

“The BodeWell project is a fantastic example of the integrated method that is Icon’s flagship offering with credit to our talented teams and their ability to work together seamlessly.”

Icon’s BodeWell brand targets two audiences

The first challenge for the brand was marrying together two target audiences.

BodeWell Community Care will provide services to both elderly people and people with a disability, with a big focus on National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) recipients.

Icon Agency found that social connections are undeniably linked to wellbeing, quality of life and better health outcomes and thus used this insight to springboard creative design.

“Appealing to two audiences requires a dynamic brand. From the start, we knew it would be a major hurdle for this project,” said Hazel Tiernan, Icon’s Integrated Client Services Director.

“Setting out with this goal, we were looking for a way to tie these two groups together.”

“Quantifying the importance of social connection was a key step in the creative process and formed the foundation for the BodeWell brand to connect these two distinct audiences.” 

Icon designed BodeWell to facilitate accessibility

In designing the BodeWell website, accessibility was paramount to Icon. The copy needed to be clear and legible for the elderly users and accessible for users with various disabilities.

Icon Agency was facilitated in this audacious task through harnessing iterative testing to ensure the site was easy to navigate and users could access relevant and helpful content.

“Most especially for BodeWell Community Care’s audience, accessibility is a very important feature of the website platform, which further guided Icon’s design from the outset.”

“We knew that accessibility was of utmost importance so that the website was easy to use and not overwhelming, whilst still reflecting the vibrant brand that Icon Agency had developed.”