Gold Coast surf-rocker discovered by Australian Idol releases first single

Bobby holmes contenstant
Bobby Holmes

Surf-rocker Bobby Holmes has released his first music single “Surfing the Swell,” (available on all streaming platforms) just after his performance on the resurrected Australian Idol. Having recently finished High School, Bobby Holmes is now primarily focused on his musical career, and is already performing at venues on the Gold Coast, in Brisbane and surrounds.

What was Bobby’s music journey to stardom?

“Idol was a huge learning experience. I decided to enter because I wanted one of the best music platforms to help get out of my comfort zone. It was a bit scary but I met so many talented new friends through the show, some of whom I’m collaborating with,” Bobby said.

“When I was a bit younger, I performed with my brother Angus around Tokyo and then, during high school, up and down the QLD coast, including sports clubs, RSLs. Although we still are booked as a duo, I am focusing on my solo performances and recording new music.”

Performing guitar, piano, and vocals, Bobby is working on additional songs to complete an upcoming EP. The songs mostly deal with Bobby’s international childhood, and his love of surfing and the beach life. “I find that a daily surf makes everything else in life work better!”

Bobby’s “Surfing the Swell” was co-written by father, Brad Holmes, a studio singer who sang on many TV ads in Japan and Australia. He also performs live with Bobby and Angus regularly.

Who is Bobby Holmes?

Bobby is proud to identify with his Japanese and Aussie heritage, as he grew up in Tokyo until he was 13. His mother is Japanese, and was a professional musician in her earlier life, and his father was a renowned Australian musician in Japan. Bobby speaks both languages fluently.

“I found that moving from Japan to Australia was a slight culture shock, but also a sense of ‘coming home’, as the family had spent lots of time on holidays in Australia, visiting family,” Bobby said. Due to their parents’ business commitments in Tokyo, Bobby and Angus initially lived with their grandfather for a year whilst attending Southport State High.

“We missed Mum and Dad, the convenience of 24 hr shops and the amazing Japanese public transport but on the other hand, we loved the beach lifestyle and our new Aussie mates.” Bobby shares his music and daily activities on TikTok and Instagram, including going for a surf and his journey through all the different levels of Australian Idol, right up to the finals.