BLUETTI selects rugby icon Latrell Mitchell as new brand ambassador

Latrell Mitchell
Latrell Mitchell

BLUETTI, a world-renown provider of portable energy solutions, has announced its new partnership with renowned rugby league superstar, Latrell Mitchell, sparking excitement with the release of their collaborative video. This dynamic alliance aims to empower everyone to live life to the fullest without compromise, while promoting a more sustainable lifestyle.

Why did BLUETTI pick Latrell for the role?

Unveiling the “Recharge, Rebuild, Return” theme, the video shows Latrell Mitchell’s inspiring journey, highlighting the challenges and triumphs he faced throughout his sports career.

Amidst a calf injury, Latrell finds solace at Winmarra Farm, where BLUETTI power generators fuel his off-grid activities. Immersed in nature, he enjoys family moments and recharges himself to bounce back stronger. This partnership underscores BLUETTI’s mission to empower individuals and communities with robust power solutions, enabling them to push boundaries.

BLUETTI and Latrell Mitchell are natural partners, both deeply committed to greatness and advocating for sustainable living. This partnership signifies a harmonious fusion of technology and sports, emphasizing the power of collective efforts in driving sustainable development.

What does this mean for stakeholders?

“We are thrilled to collaborate with Latrell Mitchell, an exceptional athlete and an inspiration to millions. Latrell’s relentless pursuit of greatness aligns with our vision of empowering those who lead an active lifestyle. Together, we’ll create a positive impact, championing sustainable energy solutions for a brighter future,” said James Ray, a spokesperson for BLUETTI.

In expressing his delight at becoming a brand ambassador of BLUETTI, Latrell Mitchell said: “As I power through life’s challenges on and off the field, I’m electrified to join BLUETTI as their ambassador – charging ahead to inspire a brighter, sustainable future for all!”