BlueRock joins forces with asset management firm Broadbent Financial

Peter Lalor, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of BlueRock
Peter Lalor, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of BlueRock

Entrepreneurial advisory firm BlueRock has announced a merger with asset management firm Broadbent Financial to fuel company expansion. BlueRock is an entrepreneurial advisory firm offering tech-enabled professional services for growing businesses and individuals, including accounting, law, investment, private wealth, finance, etc, and a digital arm of the business.

Broadbent offers services focused on market research, Private Asset Management, and portfolio management, including access to live quotes, watch lists and ASX announcements. 

What does Broadbent add to BlueRock’s portfolio?

Broadbent Financial has five team members joining BlueRock, to assist with customer relationships, and engage in market research and the development of effective investment strategies that speak to the current market conditions. The Broadbent team includes a range of experts, including a senior investment advisor, advisory assistant and practice manager. 

Jarrod Broadbent, Managing Director of Broadbent Financial, said: “In an ever-changing digital and compliance world, BlueRock will support us to evolve our product and service over time.”

“We work with our clients to develop investment strategies to grow their assets, as well as provide a full asset management service. With the wide range of professional services BlueRock provides, we believe this partnership will help us support our clients to protect and grow those assets and deliver a more holistic offering,” Broadbent further commented.

“Each of the five Broadbent Financial employees brings with them 10-20+ years of expertise in the finance industry. All have had diverse careers both before and at Broadbent Financial, working at various Aussie-based Financial advisory firms such as UBS Wealth Management, Merrill Lynch and Shaw and Partners, and at Standard Chartered in London,” Broadbent said. 

What does the partnership mean for BlueRock?

The deal allows BlueRock to broaden the investment support offered to its clientele and provides the Broadbent with access to a wider range of clients and expertise across it’s various service lines. BlueRock has seen tremendous growth since first launching in 2008.

The company is looking to expand its footprint both nationally and internationally over the next 3-5 years and growth by acquisition is a part of this strategy. This BlueRock-Broadbent announcement is the latest in a series of successful mergers over the last 12 months.

“We’re actively seeking partnerships that add value to the work we do with our business-owner clients and proactively address market needs and opportunities. The Broadbent team will add great capability to our existing asset management offering in a way that aligns with our BlueRock growth strategies and values,” said BlueRock Founder and CEO Peter Lalor.