BlueRock appoints Lyle Meaney and Trent McCamley to its executive team

Peter Lalor, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of BlueRock
Peter Lalor, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of BlueRock

One of the leading Australian professional advisory firm BlueRock expands its wealth offering with the appointments of Lyle Meaney and Trent McCamley to the executive team. The new roles mark a pivotal point in BlueRock’s growth as the company dials up its global growth strategy to service SME business owners in every aspect of their business and family life.

What does Lyle and Trent bring to BlUeRock?

Lyle Meaney joins BlueRock as Executive Managing Partner (EMP) of Wealth, bringing over 25 years of experience in both public and private practice. As part of his role at BlueRock, Lyle Meaney will be responsible for leading the investments and wealth strategy across the group, including the delivery of financial advisory, estate planning and life insurance services.

Lyle’s wealth of experience and expertise in the industry will be instrumental in helping the company achieve its goals and drive the business forward. Lyle said that he is excited to be joining the BlueRock team, where he can leverage his extensive experience and insights.

Trent McCamley brings over 20 years of wealth management experience working as an adviser or in senior management, recently as founder of the McCamley Investment Group.

What do the appointments mean for BlueRock?

Commenting on the appointments, Peter Lalor, Founder of  BlueRock said, “We are excited to have Lyle and Trent join the team at BlueRock to lead our investments and wealth strategy across the firm. They both bring a fresh perspective and innovative ideas to BlueRock’s existing wealth management practices, challenging the status quo and driving the company to adopt new approaches for our clients in a rapidly changing financial services landscape.” 

The newcomers add bench strength to the capability and experience of Jarrod Broadbent, MD of Investments, whose team joined BlueRock in July 2021 following a merger with his firm Broadbent Financial. The new structure also provides Adam Morse, MD of Private Wealth, the opportunity to focus on the delivery of BlueRock’s family office services, which sees BlueRock in a strong position to offer end-to-end financial advisory and investment management.

BlueRock’s skilled wealth advisers provide best-in-class financial guidance and estate planning, unique investment management, superannuation advice, and a range of other services tailored to individuals at all stages of life. With a commitment to excellence, BlueRock offers professional support throughout the entire process to help its clients achieve their goals.