BlueRock takes over WorkflowMax brand from Xero set to retire in 2024

Peter Lalor, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of BlueRock
Peter Lalor, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of BlueRock

Aussie multidisciplinary advisory firm, BlueRock has acquired Xero’s WorkflowMax brand following Xero’s announcement of the retirement of the product, set to occur in June 2024. 

What does WorkflowMax by BlueRock bring to market?

The acquisition will see BlueRock take over the brand in order to offer a newly developed solution, WorkflowMax by BlueRock, in the market by early 2024, allowing existing clients of Xero’s WorkflowMax to sign up for the new solution before the Xero product is sunsetted. 

BlueRock’s Digital team has been implementing Xero’s WorkflowMax product for customers for the past eight years, and has seen first-hand the popularity and potential of the product.

The new BlueRock solution will offer many of the same features and functions of Xero’s WorkflowMax product, but with added new features and an improved user experience – a reflection of market feedback and a sign of BlueRock’s intention to invest in the product.  

As a tech-led advisory business, BlueRock is always looking for ways to improve the lives of SME business owners through technology and innovation. Xero’s WorkflowMax product has been a solution that has ticked so many boxes for Aussie SME businesses, and BlueRock is eager to offer a new job management solution to customers with similar functionality.

What does the brand acquisition mean for BlueRock?

Founder and Chief Executive Officer at BlueRock, Peter Lalor, commented, “We are thrilled to offer a new job management software solution, providing an innovative functionality that will meet evolving market and customer demands. As a business, we’re focused on the development of tech and AI products that will support our SME business clients and advisors, and the WorkflowMax by BlueRock product will be a fantastic addition to our offering.”

“Within the new acquisition, we’ll be including the same features customers know and love, particularly when it comes to managing jobs, billing time, and managing invoices. The experience may be slightly different to what it was – but we will ensure you feel right at home, saving time with an improved and more intuitive layout,” Lalor further commented. 

As part of the brand acquisition, Xero will continue to use the WorkflowMax brand and manage existing WorkflowMax customer subscriptions until the product is retired in June 2024. Once WorkflowMax by BlueRock is made available to clients, Xero will have an ongoing revenue share agreement with BlueRock in connection with WorkflowMax by BlueRock.

BlueRock is committed to a smooth transition to support existing and future customers and will continue to assist businesses in implementing and using the product through BlueRock.