BlinkNow and SmartWorks forge new strategic partnership to prepare rural Nepalese students for tech careers

BlinkNow, a global nonprofit dedicated to transforming the lives of underserved children, and SmartWorks Technology Partners, a world-renown provider of software development and developer staffing services in the technology sector, have joined forces to offer the children of Kopila Valley, in rural Nepal, new and enhanced opportunities in the field of technology.

What does this mean for Kopila Valley students?

Under the alliance, both organizations committed to provide exposure, mentorship, and practical education to students BlinkNow serves via their nonprofit Kopila Valley School. Kopila Valley offers a free, high-quality education to children who are the most in need in the region.

BlinkNow and Smartworks will help Kopila Valley students explore potential careers in the technology field, providing new opportunities in an underprivileged region and also expanding the skilled labor force to meet the ever-growing demands of technology companies globally.

This strategic partnership will include guest speakers and mentorship from current technology professionals, curriculum development, and practical hands-on courses for Kopila’s students. Smartworks will also offer internship programs to qualified candidates, recruiting events to connect companies with job candidates, and collaboration with higher learning institutions.

Through this collaboration, BlinkNow Foundation and SmartWorks Technology Partners aim to inspire and encourage Kopila Valley students to pursue technology-focused education, opening doors to a world of possibilities and allowing them to shape their own futures.

What does the partnership mean for stakeholders?

Maggie Doyne, CEO, BlinkNow Foundation
Maggie Doyne, Chief Executive Officer at BlinkNow Foundation

Maggie Doyne, CEO, BlinkNow Foundation, said, “We are thrilled to partner with Smartworks Technology Partners to provide our children with valuable opportunities in the technology field. This partnership will help them to pursue their dreams and create a brighter future.”

Commenting on the partnership, Sunbid Shrestha, CEO of SmartWorks Technology Partners, said, “We believe in the potential of the children at Kopila Valley and are committed to supporting their educational journey. By offering mentorship, internships, and practical education, we aim to equip them with the skills needed to thrive in the technology industry.”