BlackBerry creates XDR ecosystem partnerships for cohesive security

Billy Ho, Executive Vice President of Product Engineering at BlackBerry

BlackBerry announced new partners Okta, Mimecast, Stellar Cyber and XM Cyber to its extended detection and response (XDR) ecosystem. The partnerships will help to facilitate the process of delivering a cohesive and holistic view of a customer’s security threat posture.

The XDR provides security products to interoperate and coordinate on threat prevention, detection and response powered by a cloud-native unified cyber security platform.

The XDR addresses SOC teams’ challenges by unifying siloed tools into security platforms that collect, ingest, correlate and stitch telemetry across the attack surface like endpoints, cloud, networks, user, apps and mobile into its cloud-native data lake. 

BlackBerry embraces XDR ecosystem partnerships

The XDR ecosystem is unique in the market in that its built on a prevention-first approach.

BlackBerry’s prevention-first approach XDR ecosystem allows threats to be identified in a partner’s telemetry before the threat propagates further in the environment.


“The global shift to remote work has increased cyber security risks beyond experts’ initial estimates,” said Billy Ho, the Executive Vice President of Product Engineering, BlackBerry.

“To address the growing number and severity of cyber threats BlackBerry is expanding its XDR partner ecosystem to meet workplace demands and deliver solutions.”

“BlackBerry’s XDR ecosystem provides network telemetry, behavioral analysis and continuous authentication, in addition to the capabilities that our partners are providing.”

BlackBerry’s XDR solution is designed on the foundation of BlackBerry’s endpoint detection and response (EDR) workflows and expands these attributes across the entire attack surface.

BlackBerry’s XDR applies built-in threat models mapped to MITRE ATT&CK® TTP and AI-enabled behavioral detection for preventing and detecting KNOWN and UNKNOWN threats in real-time.

The XDR solution stitches the siloed security signals into a high-fidelity incident investigation timeline summary that helps connect and visualize the broader kill chain view.

BlackBerry is further still working with additional partners so as to expand its XDR ecosystem and looks forward to making additional partner announcements in the future. 

Comments from BlackBerry XDR partners

Lee Tschetter, the Director of Technical Strategy at Okta welcomed the partnership.

“Identity is a critical component of any security strategy. The Okta and BlackBerry union will improve security, visibility and event correlation for users, endpoints and networks.”

“Our mutual customers are already reaping the wonderful benefits accruing from the integration between Okta and the BlackBerry® unified endpoint security (UES) platform.”

“This investment into XDR will further enable any organization to provide improved security, and a best-in-class user experience, in an increasingly complex work environment.” 

Jules Martin, the Vice President for Ecosystem and Alliances at Mimecast expressed delight.

“We are delighted to work with BlackBerry and enhance XDR capabilities for our customers.”

“Email has been proven to be the number one attack vector for threat actors. In this new era of remote and hybrid work, attacks have become more advanced and prolific.”

“Defending against email threats is critically essential. Threat protection by Mimecast’s cloud-based email security solution combined with visibility from BlackBerry’s XDR platform offers clients deeper insights into the threat vectors attempting to compromise their email.” 

Brian Stoner, the Vice President for Service Providers at Stellar Cyber embraced this move.

“BlackBerry is a leader in leveraging ML for cyber attack prevention and Stellar Cyber complements their solutions by leveraging ML to automate threat detection and response.” 

“Our resellers and go-to-market partners will deliver more value to BlackBerry customers by adding advanced security operations center capabilities to their existing investments.”