BlackBerry secures group phone calls and messages from eavesdropping

David Wiseman, Vice President Secure Communications, at BlackBerry

BlackBerry has launched SecuSUITE offering which provides certified end-to-end encryption of all group phone calls and instant messages for governments and enterprises alike.

The global pandemic has forced millions of employees into working from home.

Blackberry’s SecuSUITE offering security

In an attempt to avoid disruption, corporate enterprise teams are turning to group calling methods to ensure business continuity, however most are vulnerable to threat actors.

Enterprises around the globe are being targeted by coordinated eavesdropping attacks.

SecuSUITE protects individuals against identity spoofing, metadata harvesting and communications interceptions which can compromise sensitive discussions and operations.

David Wiseman, Vice President Secure Communications, at BlackBerry comments, “We are delighted to now offer secure group calling in a system that is certified by NIAP and NSA CSfC.”

“This is a huge advantage for governments and organisations that are distributed internationally and require Top Secret-grade encryption for their communications.”

Blackberry’s SecuSUITE for mobile devices

With a record for providing certified, true end-to-end encrypted solutions for Android and iOS, SecuSUITE for Government technology is protecting 18 governments worldwide against electronic eavesdropping from unclassified through Top Secret clearance levels.

Blackberry’s solution SecuSUITE has been certified in accordance with the Common Criteria, assuring government agencies of the security of their mobile communications.

This is critical, as senior levels of government must be confident their sensitive verbal and messaging communications are completely secure wherever they may be in the world.

Kerry Leo, SVP at CACI International Inc, “The development of new features by BlackBerry to the SecuSUITE software enables CACI to deliver new capability to the SteelBox cloud service.”

“The feature is already being used by U.S. federal civilian, Department of Defense, and Intelligence Community to communicate securely with groups of users on an encrypted call.”

Partnership with BlackBerry enables the technology innovations for mission success.”