Black Box partners with Juniper to promote Wi-Fi Beyond NextGen

Juned Noonari, Enterprise Director of Solutions at Black Box

Black Box, a Global Solutions Integrator (GSI) company, announced recently that it has formed a Strategic Alliance Partnership with Juniper Networks, a leader in secure, AI-driven networks, to provide the most advanced Wi-Fi and LAN networks available. The partnership allows Black Box to drive innovation in connectivity, giving superior data and networking options.

Black Box explains that networks using Beyond NextGen tech — AI-based Juniper Mist Wi-Fi and LAN cloud services — maintain the simplicity of Wi-Fi & wired networking while leveraging superior outcomes in data mgt, transfer, system maintenance & automated diagnostics.

What are the executives’ thoughts on the partnership?

Speaking of their new global partnership, Jim McKenna, vice president of strategic partnerships for Black Box, explains, “We’re tremendously excited to form an alliance with Juniper. System deployment & integration into existing and complex infrastructures utilizing cloud-based services & AI operability is the future. Juniper has proven themselves to be the true innovators in that realm, so our partnership is a natural fit for our respective organizations & clients.”

Enterprise director of solutions at Black Box, Juned Noonari, continues, “Global integrators are challenged foremost to provide ease-of-dep’t, uniformity, & predictability. Our Wi-Fi as a Service (WaaS) provides a futuristic approach toward the highest-quality service & the ability to preempt problems. Juniper is the only company we know on the cutting edge of that tech.”

Thomas Desrues, VP of alliances at Juniper, explains, “Our Mist AI and cloud tech utilizes a combination of artificial intelligence, machine learning & data science techniques to optimize user experiences & to simplify operations across the wireless, wired & SD-WAN domains. Black Box’s expertise in this space & trusted relationships with Fortune 1000 enterprise companies make Black Box an ideal partner as we move this tech into the forefront of what is possible.”

Black Box designs, builds, & manages a wireless tech to support connected enterprises, delivering superior digital workplace connectivity across multiple industries. Clients turn use Black Box to incorporate Beyond NextGen data transfer into existing and future networks.