BizPay works with Arcardier to offer B2B BNLP services to global markets

David Price, Chief Executive Officer of BizPay

BizPay, an innovative Australian fintech that allows businesses to pay their invoices over time, has announced a new partnership with global marketplace SaaS provider, Arcadier.

What does this partnership mean to Arcadier?

This strategic partnership gives Arcadier’s enterprise customers the ability to offer BizPay for all their B2B payments, where their customers can spread their invoice costs over easy instalments. Now, any business using Arcadier’s leading marketplace technology can, in turn, manage its cash flow by offering its B2B customers a better way to pay.

Acadier, whose clients include Kinora, Australia’s marketplace for NDIS services; Sutec, Singapore’s digital mall marketplace; Kinly, an Australian-based global marketplace for family wellbeing services; and Scoperta specialising in boutique wines across the US, will be able to help their users avoid a complex financial approval process by offering them a BizPay option.

What does the partnership mean to BizPay?

This will allow Acadier’s sellers to process customer transactions quickly whilst also taking advantage of BizPay’s services for their own financing and repayment needs. The partnership will also allow BizPay to broaden its growing global ecosystem and help further its goal of easing the cashflow crunch for SMEs, by providing them more financial control and flexibility.

“Cash flow is king for SMEs and the constant chasing of invoices is distracting them from running their business,” said David Price, BizPay Global Chief Executive Officer.

“We can now offer even more financial flexibility in our core markets of Australia and the US: allowing them to maintain their business flow and concentrating on unleashing their business’ full potential. We are excited to welcome Arcadier into our growing partner network and look forward to connecting their users with systems and insights to facilitate business growth.”

“BizPay allows our enterprise customers to feel safe and supported with their financed payments needs, by providing them with a simple, fast solution that they can offer their customers to ease their cash flow concerns,” said Arcadier CEO, Dinuke Ranasinghe.

“As the most flexible marketplace platform, we always strive to offer our clients the latest functionality and innovative tech. Our deal with BizPay will give users access to a financial solution that can help unlock the full potential of marketplaces to grow their business quickly.”