BizFlix streaming launches to assist in the rise of entrepreneurship

Nick Barnsdall, Founder of BizFlix

BizFlix is a new streaming service where business owners can access unique, interactive content and a supportive community that will help them grow their business at a fraction of the cost of typically exorbitant business coaching and mentoring.

The platform has been set up to cater to the new business owners who started a business during the pandemic and need advice and guidance on building a sustainable business model, marketing a product effectively and managing cash flow, among many other topics.

What is BizFlix streaming offering the market?

Nick Barnsdall is behind the new platform and brings his wealth of business expertise to it, he founded Hyundai Construction Equipment, Agio Global and one of the top clean energy companies in Australia, Clean Energy Transfer Fund.

“The purpose behind BizFlix is to help lost entrepreneurs find their way – and discover those immense opportunities,” said Barnsdall.

“Finding ways to build your business in an over-saturated world of entrepreneurs clawing their way to the top is tough. It was early 2021 that we knew something had to be done.”

“My business partner, Joanne Brooks, and I decided to shake up the business education scene. It had long been stale and boring.”

“The BizFlix platform is the newest and most accessible interface in business coaching. Nowhere else can get this level of knowledge and mentoring for your business,” said Barnsdall.

The BizFlix vision is to bring hope, inspiration, motivation, and real-life wisdom back to business owners, through an accessible, simplified, and innovative platform, so they can access business coaching anytime, from anywhere, for less than the price of lunch.