Bittrex Global’s IEO platform starting block gears up for YellowHeart debut

Josh Katz, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of YellowHeart LLC

Bittrex Global, a digital asset exchange, welcomes the YellowHeart Protocol, an NFT platform poised to disrupt the ticketing and music industries, to its Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) platform, Bittrex Global Starting Block. By using blockchain technologies, the YellowHeart Protocol is transforming what tickets can do and how they are created, sold and resold.

What is the YellowHeart Protocol?

Through the protocol, tickets are now offered as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and enhanced with new capabilities enabled by the HRTS (pronounced “Hearts”) utility token. NFT tickets offer music, video, and engaging experiences. They enable artists to communicate with their fans and provide artists and venues with a share of the proceeds any time a ticket is resold.

The YellowHeart Protocol was created to bring together an entire ecosystem – composed of fans, artists, sports teams, brands, venues, event promoters, and more – to participate in this leap forward. This community comes together at the YellowHeart NFT marketplace, which can be accessed online at or via the YellowHeart mobile app for iOS and Android.

Who can use the YellowHeart Protocol?

“In addition to ticket NFTs, the YellowHeart marketplace also offers music NFTs, collectible NFTs and community NFTs,” said Josh Katz, founder and CEO of YellowHeart LLC.

“It is already the premier place for musicians to participate, where artists like Maroon 5, The Beatles and XXXTentacion are being joined by a rapidly growing community of creators.”

“With the launch of the HRTS token anyone can now join this community; token holders will be able to engage with each other in innovative ways, creating a decentralized platform for ticketing. We are proud to be the YellowHeart ecosystem’s founding member,” Katz added.

“We are pleased to have selected YellowHeart as the first project to be launched on Starting Block,” commented Stephen Stonberg, Chief Executive Officer of Bittrex Global.

“It displays strong signs of promise in the new world of Web 3 ticketing and music, and we are happy to generate more awareness around this project through our IEO platform.”

“After our team drove an exhaustive, multi-month IEO qualification process, HRTS was selected as the first project to debut on Starting Block for many reasons,” commented Chris Sinkey, Listing Director and Chief Business Officer at Bittrex Global.

“Reasons like the quality of its token utility value, fully-diluted valuation, circulating supply and demand balance, product roadmap, team experience, brand, and partner fruitions. We’re excited for the YellowHeart Protocol and the addition of the HRTS token to the Bittrex Global ecosystem will add value for all of our users, especially for those who get into the IEO.”

Emerging projects looking to IEO can utilize Bittrex Global’s reputation as a secure digital asset exchange, committed to using advanced security protocols while remaining compliant with the regulatory measures across the globe. The YellowHeart Protocol (HRTS) token sale will launch at 13:00 UTC on May 10, 2022 on Bittrex Global Starting Block.