Bitdefender enhances iOS security with proactive protection against text messaging and calendar scams

Ciprian Istrate, Senior Vice President of Operations, Consumer Solutions Group at Bitdefender
Ciprian Istrate, Senior Vice President of Operations, Consumer Solutions Group at Bitdefender

Bitdefender, a global cybersecurity firm, launched an advanced security feature for iOS users, Scam Alert. The new tech protects users from phishing scams delivered through SMS/MMS messages and calendar invites. Layered on top of existing protection in Bitdefender Mobile Security for iOS, Scam Alert proactively identifies attacks and prevents them from reaching the mobile user —providing iPhone and iPad users complete, layered protection.

Why is this a timely feature?

Cybercriminals are targeting Apple OS dispelling a myth that little or no security protection is required. According to the FTC’s Consumer Sentinel Network, 2022 saw a staggering $330m in losses attributed to text scams. This figure represents a significant increase, being more than twice the reported losses in 2021 and nearly five times the losses reported in 2019.

Scam Alert closes this security gap by identifying potentially malicious links in real-time sent by text message or calendar invites. The links are verified as malicious through correlation with Bitdefender global threat intelligence. If found malicious, the message is sent automatically to the ‘Junk’ folder. If it is a calendar invite, users can simply delete it. In both cases, steps are initiated to prevent further communication with the source of the threat.

Key Features and Benefits

With Bitdefender Mobile Security for iOS, consumers will now benefit from:

  • Advanced scam protection and prevention – Bitdefender Mobile Security for iOS includes Web Protection technology, that filters traffic from all apps and alerts users when they attempt to access malicious links. Web Protection works with Scam Alert, a calendar scanner, and message filter to help ensure the security of financial, identity, and other personal data.
  • Privacy and Identity protection – Bitdefender Mobile Security for iOS incorporates account breach monitoring capabilities and a virtual private network (VPN), effectively preserving user identity and security of sensitive data while online.
  • Powerful security scanner – Easily check your iPhone and iPad security to detect and fix misconfigurations that might expose them to threats and scan your devices to achieve optimal security and privacy settings.

What does the solution mean for the industry?

Commenting on the groundbreaking new solution, Ciprian Istrate, Senior Vice President of Operations, Consumer Solutions Group at Bitdefender, said, “Threat actors are incredibly resourceful at leveraging social engineering efforts to steal money or personal information.”

“Phishing attacks using text messaging and calendar events continues to increase globally, yet there are few options for protecting iOS devices and cybercriminals are capitalising. Scam Alert is a powerful added layer of security that stops attackers in their tracks giving consumers peace of mind as they navigate their digital lifestyle,” Ciprian Istrate further added.

Bitdefender Mobile Security for iOS with Scam Alert is available now for existing customers at no extra cost. For more information or to purchase visit Bitdefender or Apple App Store.