Bitdefender launches product for organisations with limited resources

Daniel Clayton, Vice President of Global Security Operations and Services at Bitdefender

Bitdefender, recently unveiled MDR Foundations, a new managed security service that provides continuous threat monitoring, detection and response intelligence-based threat hunting and elite security experts designed to provide MDR capabilities specifically tailored to managed service providers (MSPs) and customer organisations with limited resources.

How do the MDR Foundations work?

The service augments in-house security and IT teams’ ability to overcome the cybersecurity skills gap and enables faster detection and threat elimination, reduced attacker dwell time, and streamlined security operations for improved cyber resilience.

Bitdefender managed detection and response (MDR) Foundations is built to address security challenges presented by digital transformation and the shift towards cloud environments. It adds to the company’s existing portfolio of MDR Premium and MDR Enterprise offerings.

The service is delivered by leveraging the award-winning Bitdefender GravityZone Business Security Enterprise unified security platform, which incorporates risk assessment, prevention, endpoint detection and response (EDR), cross-endpoint threat correlation and extended detection and response (XDR) with sensors that go beyond the endpoint.

What are the MDR Foundations’ key benefits?

Unlike competing MDR offerings that are simply managed anti-virus or managed EDR, MDR Foundations provides any business with a full-managed detection and response system.

24×7 threat monitoring, detection and response

Managed Detection and Response (MDR) Foundations helps customers harden environments to prevent breaches and the continuous monitors eliminate threats such as ransomware, zero-days, phishing attempts and more across endpoints, networks and cloud environments. Highly skilled security analysts in the Bitdefender security operations centre (SOC) lead alert prioritisation, threat analysis, recommendations and response actions.

Proactive human-led threat hunting

Bitdefender threat hunters actively seek and destroy advanced persistent threats (APTs) quietly residing in systems, investigate anomalous behaviour from internal and outside sources and consider’s each customer’s industry, tech environment and most likely threats.

Threat hunts apply real-time threat intelligence from Bitdefender Labs and the Bitdefender network of millions of sensors to guide decision-making. With military and law enforcement backgrounds, threat hunters are renowned for advanced techniques to stop attacks fast.

Improved security operations

Managed detection and response (MDR) Foundations improves defence and response to threats by enabling MSPs and customers to work side-by-side with Bitdefender security analysts. Key pain points such as alert fatigue, running complex tooling, maintaining data compliance, and establishing security procedures are dramatically reduced or eliminated from day one.

A dedicated Managed detection and response  portal allows clients to connect and communicate with their Bitdefender team 24×7, view alerts, manage endpoints and take recommended actions to contain or eliminate threats all from a single dashboard.

How easy is on-boarding and service management?

The Managed detection and response (MDR) Foundations on-boarding process is automated and straightforward with most businesses up and running in less than a day. For MSP partners, Bitdefender offers the ability to on-board and manage multiple customers simultaneously.

In a recent report¹, Gartner®, a company that delivers objective insight to executives and their teams, emphasised the need for continuous monitoring in midsize environments.

“With 76% of ransomware deployments happening after business hours, organisations cannot stop active monitoring of their environments at the end of the business day. Twenty-four-hour monitoring is critical in being able to quickly respond to and contain any security incident.”

“Cybercriminals are no longer confined to large organisations, as they were in the past. Today, businesses of all sizes are at risk of data theft, espionage, and crippling ransomware attacks. As the threats continues to evolve, organisations with smaller security teams are finding that protecting themselves and their end customers is increasingly challenging,” said Daniel Clayton, vice president, global security operations and services at Bitdefender.

“MDR Foundations is a big step forward in innovating for this underserved market to even the playing field with a powerful ‘always-on’ detect and response service that combines award-winning technology with elite security experts that scales on-demand. Our newest MDR offering reflects our deep commitment to make every business more cyber resilient.”