Bitdefender launches cybersecurity suite for Australian consumers: Do you know the top scammer tactics?

Bitdefender, one of the global cybersecurity leaders, recently unveiled Bitdefender Premium Security Plus, a new security suite that provides industry-leading threat prevention and detection, a fully featured password manager to keep credentials safe, secure virtual private network (VPN) for online privacy, and 24/7 digital identity protection monitoring.

The Bitdefender Premium Security Plus suite introduces the industry’s first Identity Protection Score service for Australian consumers that analyses personal data breach history to determine how much of their sensitive data is available online, what their personal risk level is, and what corrective steps are needed to better protect their identity.

How serious is the scamming problem in Australia?

According to the Australian Government’s ScamWatch website, almost $100 million has been lost to scammers already in 2023. In fact, the Australian Bureau of Statitstics found two-thirds of Australians – 13.2 million people – were exposed to scams last financial year.

“As digital becomes the default way we conduct daily activities – from personal banking and finance, to shopping, telehealth and paying taxes – cybercriminals are increasing efforts to steal or hold valuable data for ransom,” said Ciprian Istrate, Senior Vice President of operations, Consumer Solutions Group at Bitdefender commenting on the new solution.

Ciprian Istrate, Senior Vice President of operations, Consumer Solutions Group at Bitdefender
Ciprian Istrate, Senior Vice President of operations, Consumer Solutions Group at Bitdefender

“Last year’s data breaches against Aussie firms saw millions of Aussies’ personal data fall into the hands of cyber criminals. This frequency of data breaches is driving consumer demand for real-time updates on how safe their identity and personal information is online. Bitdefender Premium Security Plus delivers complete peace of mind through advanced cybersecurity protection, while actively protecting the integrity of personal data from theft and misuse.”

Don’t get scammed: Top tactics to watch out for in 2023

Scammers are constantly coming up with new ways to swindle people out of their money. Here are some of the top tactics used by scammers and insights on how to avoid them.

The Urgency Tactic: “Act Now or Miss Out!”

Scammers often create a sense of urgency, making their victims feel as though they must act immediately to avoid missing out on an opportunity. This tactic is commonly used in phishing scams where an email or text message will claim that the victim’s account has been compromised, and they must act quickly to rectify the situation. They will then provide a link which will lead them to a fake website designed to steal their personal information.

What you should do: Never click on links in unsolicited emails or text messages. Always go directly to the company’s website and log in to your account to check for any notifications.

The Fear Tactic: “Your Identity Has Been Stolen!”

Another common tactic used by scammers is to instill fear in their victims. They will claim that the victim’s identity has been stolen, and they must act quickly to prevent further damage.

They may ask the victim to provide personal information, such as their date of birth, social security number, or credit card details, to “verify” their identity. What you should do: Never give out personal information over the phone, email, or text message, even if the person claims to be from a reputable organization. If you are unsure whether a request for information is legitimate, contact the firm directly using their official contact information.

The Trust Tactic: “I’m a Friend of a Friend”

Scammers sometimes try to gain the victim’s trust by pretending to be someone they know. For example, they may create a fake social media profile using name and photo of someone the victim knows, and then send them a message asking for money or personal information.

What you should do: Always be wary of unsolicited messages from people you don’t know. If someone you know contacts you asking for money or personal information, verify their identity through a separate communication channel, like a phone call or face-to-face talk.

The Greed Tactic: “You’ve Won a Prize!”

Scammers often lure their victims in with the promise of a prize, like a lottery win or a free vacation. They then ask the victim to provide personal information or pay a “processing fee.”

What you should do: Be cautious of unsolicited offers that seem too good to be true. If you are unsure whether an offer is legitimate, do some research and verify the information independently before providing any personal information or making any payments.

What does Bitdefender Premium Security Plus offer?

Bitdefender Premium Security Plus is a comprehensive security suite that incorporates Total Security antivirus, Password Manager, Premium VPN, and Digital Identity Protection to protect consumers across computers and mobile devices. It prevents, detects and remediates cyber threats across multiple operating systems including Windows, macOS, Android and iOS.

This recent announcement features the industry’s first Identity Protection Score for Australian consumers, a proprietary feature that continuously monitors and reports on how data breaches may have affected their online identity and ways to mitigate damage.

This “health” score is calculated by analysing the user’s data breach exposure, including the number of data breaches they are linked to and the information compromised. This risk-level score helps consumers understand if their data has been compromised and provides recommended actions to prevent criminals from using credentials to drain financial accounts, open new lines of credit, commit medical or tax fraud, or other identity-based crimes.

Bitdefender Premium Security Plus is available now as an annual or monthly subscription. In addition, existing Bitdefender Premium Security customers with the Digital Identity Protection add-on will receive the latest product and service updates, including the new Identity Protection Score, in their valid subscription at no additional cost.

For more information or to purchase, visit the website.

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